From letter of thanks to brilliant marketing idea

“Father! I am delighted to utter this name …” Many letters of thanks used to begin with these words. Indeed, in the 17th century wish lists as we know them were not addressed to Santa Claus or the Christ ... mehr

On sweet temptations and fast food

Christmas Eve is much beloved among Japanese families. But they do not celebrate it the way we might imagine. Take, for example, the food that is served. An American fast food giant has been offering the ... mehr

The unvarnished truth

Whether red-metallic, with gold stars, waving Santas or stylized Christmas trees – holiday wrapping paper comes in all colors and patterns. In Germany it remains a bit more traditional. The less handy ... mehr

The great Christmas Contest

This year it’s not just Santa bringing the gifts, but also SCHOTT CERAN® – at least for quiz show aces. All you’ve got to do is look at pictures, put two and two together, and have a little luck. It works ... mehr

A recipe for the cold time of year: onion soup

The cold is knocking at the door again. Snow, ice, flushed cheeks and runny nose shape our city and landscapes. Slippery streets and brown snow all over. Car batteries succumb to their annual winter torpor ... mehr

The one that makes us cry

When tears are shed in the kitchen an onion is often at fault. Here’s a little pointer for starters. If you don’t want your eyes to tear when cutting this wonderful veggie, simply use a perfectly sharpened ... mehr

Supper Clubs – the secret supper

“The Last Supper” by the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous paintings in the world, probably recognized by just about everybody. But have you ever heard of “Supper Clubs”? ... mehr

Winner winner healthy dinner!

Conscious and healthful nutrition in professional sports was the exception as recently as 20 years ago. Only recent years have brought a stronger awareness of balanced nutrition. Athletes from different ... mehr

A winner, an interview, and many questions

We proudly present: Max Neustadt, winner of the SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards 2017! The experts believe that the industrial designer working in Munich, hit the bullseye with his concept VESTA 4.0. In London ... mehr

Design knows no bounds

After the London Design Fair 2017 it became clear to everyone that boundaries are alien to designers. At the Fair, a few young design firms in particular caught our eye with whimsical and fresh approaches ... mehr