Cooking FUSICS – Take part in the DESIGN AWARDS 2017

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The same—yet very different: that’s this year’s SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS. What has stayed the same? Naturally, this year everything once again revolves around our glass-ceramic. But this time we want to work with you design geniuses to think outside the box—and explore every conceivable direction, beyond glass-ceramic. Because we’re convinced that there’s plenty of space left for ideas below, next to, above, and around the cooking surface itself. We don’t yet know what these might involve at this stage. That’s why we named them FUSICS for now. So what exactly does that mean?

Well, if you really want to enjoy cooking, you should take advantage of one or the other of our smart product enhancements. Scales directly under the glass-ceramic cooktop can make your work a whole lot easier. But that’s just one idea of many—what would you come up with?

We know that more and more people live in urban areas; a trend that is set to intensify in the future. That’s why we can’t wait to see what practical solutions you will think up for our ever smaller kitchen and dining areas.

As you know, we care a lot about sustainability—which makes glass-ceramic the perfect material for the future. Use it, give it a new color or shape, combine it with other materials, and think about processes and cycles that are fun for us and our Environment.

Time for a highlight! Maybe ambient lighting or luminous controls—or perhaps even a light installation that we hadn’t thought of previously?

How will your cooking area become smart? An example of an interactive and connecting element might be a display that organizes your cooking area or aids the cooking process.

In the future, the human touch will still be a crucial element of cooking. What does eating and cooking with your family or friends mean to you? What role do other cultures play? How do you add variety to your cooking area? What’s your vision for the perfect dinner of the future? Show us!


This is what FUSICS means to us—but how do you define it? Your ideas can relate to all products or just to particular highlights. But no matter what, we look forward to discovering your creative and innovative interpretations of today’s cooking area.

Are you keen to take part or know someone who might be interested? Then we’d be delighted to let you know of a change compared to the last two DESIGN AWARDS:

This year’s SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS have an international focus and are open to anyone from age 18—whether design student or design professional.

Once again, the winner will receive 5000 euros in prize money, the 2nd place finisher 3000 euros, and the 3rd place finisher and SCHOTT Special Award winner 1500 euros each. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to present your design internationally. 

For all further details on the awards, the guidelines, and submission deadlines, please visit the CALL FOR ENTRIES on the website of our partner designboom.

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