Endurance test passed

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Our glass-ceramic cooktop panels have already proven their scratch resistance here and there in the past. Whether at the IFA 2016 or the Clerkenwell Design Week in London – the visitors could put our “Tough Beauty” to the test themselves. Keys were used to scratch them, pots were pushed over salt and sponges were tried out. People were astonished and impressed at the results: scratches were much less visible than with conventional glass ceramics.

Helping chefs all over the world

SCHOTT CERAN Miradur® is the first scratch-resistant cooktop panel of its kind and a registered trademark that is known for the highest quality in more than 68 countries. Scratches caused by abrasive sponges are reduced by up to 70%, those caused by sand by as much as 95%.  The graphic shows even better how resistant our cooking surface is. Only diamond-like coatings are stronger and these are not found in the kitchen anyway, but e.g. in car engines for coating engine pistons.

The TÜV certificate makes us proud – and we want to share it

Now our cooktop panel has undergone another endurance test – by the experts from TÜVRheinland®. And it passed with flying colors. But the certificate is not the only one we are very happy about. SCHOTT CERAN Miradur® also received the Iconic Award in the “best of best” category at Interior Innovation 2017. Two awards we are proud of. We’re excited about what’s going to happen next. And what you tell us when you put the cooking surface to the test yourself.

You can watch the video of our glass-ceramic cooktop panel here.



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