Ambiente 2017: Color comes to the kitchen

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The Ambiente 2017 is considered the top-tier trade fair of the consumer goods industry. We went to seek out special themes in the area of food, cooking and Lifestyle.

While we were at it, we checked out the manufacturers of cooking utensils. The product range is vast and with wide variety – of stainless steel, of cast iron, in classic black or white. But one thing connects them all: they offer at least one series in bright colors. Colorful cooking-utensil series are making inroads into the kitchens of this world. But that’s not all. Many manufacturers are now imitating what Kitchen Aid has done with its well known brightly colored small appliances. Moving from stand to stand, we encountered colorful spice shakers, glasses, vases, coffee cups and coffee makers. There seems to be a design for every taste.

The selection of silverware and cutlery was equally wide-ranging. Here too, we could single out almost any country in the world and find excellent suppliers – from renowned brand manufacturers to lesser known providers. In addition to the manufacture of the blade, what matters here is also balanced weight. A philosophy in itself. By doing some sample cutting, we were able to get an idea of the different qualities. To us the clear winners were Japanese manufacturers. Their aesthetic, design and blade sharpening are captivating

Photo: Fissler GmbH

We discovered something special from the company Fissler – the innovative «SensoRed® pan» with thermo-sensitive non-stick layer. By changing colors, it indicates the ideal frying temperature of the inside surface. How does it work? The cold Marsala-colored frying surface is mottled with dark speckles. When frying temperature is ideal the innovative pan coating takes on the color of the speckles so that the speckles are hardly visible any more. When it cools off the color changes back.

These and many other product innovations for the kitchen were on display at the Ambiente. Our conclusion: the frills are spot on. Cooking, eating and living in the kitchen is and will be a lot of fun.



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