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Where we stand today

We have returned from our little excursion into the past. Kitchens today are more open and lively, a meeting point for good food, animated discussion and major celebrations. Beautiful form follows best function. We plan every nook and cranny of our kitchens and can select from countless designs to show off our very own style. Of course, this includes the cooktop. And SCHOTT CERAN® brings some ideas to the table.

Design meets technology

We continue with our research even today. As your wishes for the perfect cooking surface change, we look to provide the perfect answers. When it comes to design and aesthetics, SCHOTT CERAN® delivers. We also offer white and transparent cooking surfaces in addition to black cooking surfaces. And that’s just the foundation. Another option is CERAN® Fine Print. This special technology realistically recreates material impressions, structures and images.


Technologically we are reaching for the stars just as we were over 40 years ago. In the manufacturing process of black glass-ceramic, we have managed to completely do away with the toxic heavy metals antimony and arsenic, while making it even more energy efficient. Another issue is light: Our black glass-ceramic is translucent to a broad spectrum of light, facilitating entirely new operating concepts with 7-segment displays. Speaking of operating concepts, they include operating elements. Before you always had to turn a knob – now there are many more options, similar to ones you are already familiar with. CERAN® Smart Touch, for instance, are precisely ground impressions which make operations simple and intuitive. And CERAN® Smooth Prints, which uses transparent and tangible textures on the glass-ceramic cooking surface for touch operation.

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