Cooking in a new light

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Cooking has long been more than simple fulfillment of duty. For many, cooking is a special moment, a bit like meditating at the stove to achieve some balance in the daily routine. Cooking is fun and gives free rein to creativity. Cooking is an ‘elementary’ experience that engages our five senses in an intensive and primal way.

It would be nice if nothing distracted us from this process! The best cooking experience is when you can concentrate on what’s important – preparing dishes, smelling and tasting. We ask, How can the devices add more joy to cooking? And what other talents remain hidden under the cooktop Surface?

The enlightenment

Contrasting displays and operating elements on the cooktop provide the answer. Black ceramic lets the entire color spectrum of LEDs shine through – even white light. This light is made possible by special color compensation filters under the black cooktop and is considered quite innovative. The transparent glass-ceramic in turn facilitates sharp, multicolored operating elements including high-resolution touch-screens. The light does not just fulfill functional purposes, such as residual heat and temperature indicators or cooking symbols. Colored light indicators lend the cooktop a futuristic look. Light is used as a guidance system to provide cooks with support in preparing their dishes and in supplying kitchens with unique design accents.

Transparente Glaskeramik

Clear view at the stove

But the paraphernalia is also new. The old kitchen hood has been retired. In the future, extraction will take place from top to bottom rather than from bottom to top.

The extractor hood built in to the cooking area makes smoke and smells disappear downward. Which means? An unfettered cooking experience: no smoky clouds, but rather an unencumbered view of the stove. And fatty particles are immediately trapped in stainless steel fat filters. Sounds like magic? Almost. All cooking fumes simply dissolve into nothing – with cleverly applied physics. The basic principles of fluid dynamics have become fashionable. Manufacturer offerings are constantly expanding and their product ranges must not lack anything. It doesn’t matter if the technology uses downdraft ventilation in the retractable version, it flows so smoothly!

These are just two of the innovations to add joy to your cooking experience.



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