Downdraft systems – a rising trend

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A new trend has caught on among appliance manufacturers: downdraft systems. They are ever more popular among aficionados of open kitchen concepts because they easily integrate into kitchen islands. Kitchen, dining and living rooms can be even more tightly merged because they relegate to the past unpleasant kitchen smells and kitchen fume hoods on which we bump our heads.

As the term «downdraft» suggests, these fume hoods are not hung above the stove, but rather integrated into the cooking and working surface. They pull fumes down directly from the edge of pots and pans before they even have a chance to rise. Thanks to the built-in activated carbon filter, thick fumes are sucked into the integrated slots like a waterfall, hardly even giving odors a chance. The extractors adapt to every cooking process, regulating power according to the volume of fumes. They can also be regulated manually.

We at SCHOTT CERAN® support manufacturers in the implementation of downdraft systems by integrating the needed cut-outs such as circles, rectangles and other shapes into the glass-ceramic cooking surface. Manufacturers can optimally adapt the designs of their devices to the desires and needs of their end customers. We must make sure to maintain the stability of glass-ceramic so that cooks can enjoy their cooking surfaces with downdraft for a long time.

The end of an era?

We believe classic fume extraction hoods are far from obsolete – in fact they will continue to exist alongside the new system. This is due, for one, to the general model of kitchens. Not everyone has room for a kitchen island, which would lend itself to a downdraft system. Wall mounting remains the preferred choice here. This new high-end product is moreover still considerably more expensive. We are looking forward to seeing how this evolves. What do you think, which type would you choose?

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