„Honorable Mentions»

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Selecting the best three designs was not easy for the jury of experts. The submissions were diverse and intriguing, and the jury highlighted some concepts a second time. We would like to present these here.

C-PLUGGED by Philipp Schaake, Germany

This kitchen concept is more than just a kitchen. It is a virtual or physical place of meeting, a nutritionist and infotainment area in which culinary delicacies are filmed and later shared. The core of the concept is a C-shaped glass-ceramic surface. It consists of a work surface and illuminated display to highlight the functional areas. The required LED lights are located under these areas. The futuristic glass-ceramic surface and wood play off one another to lend the “C-Plugged” concept a very special character. The modular system has a mobile unit in addition to the fixed one: the supplementary trolley forms the multimedia aspect of this kitchen to record, for instance, live videos to share with the world.



FUSICS by Gregorio Palmieri, Italy

Environmentally friendly. Portable. Revolutionary. Round. This is a description of the concept by Gregorio Palmieri. It has been developed to adapt to different lifestyles. The extravagant and bold cooking surface sports an integrated display with WiFi function. Recipes can be downloaded with ease. Solar panels take the worry out of dead batteries – whether on a camping trip with the family or at home on the balcony, the FUSICS can be used anywhere. This concept could also be called a portable fireplace of the Information Age.



SMARTCONNECT by Aziz Belkharmoudi, Morocco

The concept by the Moroccan designer will turn the glass-ceramic cooking surface into an interactive control center with intelligent voice control. It should also introduce users step-by-step into the world of cooking and show what all can be done with glass-ceramic. The result is a seamless design concept with built-in induction coils, touch screens, sensors, a sound system and several cameras in the solid, antibacterial and dirt-resistant cooktop panel. The colorful touch screen interface shows where the cooking utensils are on the cooktop panel. Furthermore, users can connect various devices, stream content, compose and send messages, shop within the system and weigh ingredients.



UNIVERSAL COOKING by Boon-Chiou Tan, Japan

Cooking is sharing – nowadays more than ever. Blogs and social media channels are full of dishes and recipes. The “Universal Cooking” concept synchronizes mobile devices with an automatic system that enables cooking far from the cooking plate – the kitchen, for all intents and purposes, is in condition to prepare a complete meal all by itself. So meals can be prepared from anywhere, at any time and with anybody. In a world like ours, in which time is considered a luxury good, it is a great and perhaps pioneering idea.



WIRELESS KITCHEN by Georg Panther and Florian Schwab, Germany

Many kitchen devices are battery-operated. For one thing, they work more efficiently and, for another, this technology provides sufficient energy. The inductive coils of the stove are converted into an inductive charging station for all kitchen devices, making tangled cables a thing of the past. The built-in technology also signals to users which devices are on the cooking surface and recognizes whether a cooking surface is hot or not.


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