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At the end of March, CeBit took place in Hanover with over 3,000 exhibitors. High time therefore to take a look into the future! We discovered some exciting inventions for kitchens, homes, and catering that we can’t wait to share with you.

Dirror—the mirror for your digital life

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what was that again about the fairest of them all, and all that? Yes, this mirror can do more than regular mirrors. With over 600,000 apps, it not only displays the recipe you’re currently following, but it also conjures up the weather report, the time, your favorite TV show, and social media services. And if you feel like you need some exercise to work off that meal, the mirror can even tackle your fitness program. We can’t possibly list everything this high-tech mirror can do, but here’s a start: it boasts a high-performance computer with Full-HD multi-touch display, and a 4-core processor with voice control, WiFi, and Bluetooth. More information is available here. Images © DIRROR

Flippy has a knack for burgers

Perhaps some of you will still remember the Moley Kitchen Robotic? Flippy definitely took burgers to the next level. After all, these robotic arms are just made for frying your burger patty perfectly! It boasts a camera to monitor the griddle and temperature, and it automatically flips over the patties as required. What’s more, it also toasts the burger buns and places the patties on them. The only thing it can’t do yet is add sauce and salad, which still requires the staff’s helping hands—so Flippy can’t quite replace kitchen staff altogether! But according to the manufacturer, the staff no longer need to stand in front of the hot and dangerous griddle, but can let Flippy take over the monotonous tasks for them. The Caliburger restaurant chain in California has already deployed Flippy. It remains to be seen if it’ll take off over here as well. Images © Miso Robotics

Cutting down waiting times: Quick Orders

This app is all about optimizing order processes in restaurants. Restaurant QR codes take users directly to the menu, so they can take their time and choose what they’d like to eat before digitally sending the order to the waiter, who will in turn review and then forward it to the kitchen (see illustration on the left). This shortens waiting times and makes the entire process more efficient. But you still won’t have to do without any personal contact with the wait staff at all, because they’ll bring the food to your table when it’s ready. A pretty neat idea, isn’t it? Images © Quick Orders

Something to suit every taste: VR radio for the kitchen

There are probably as many different tastes in music as there are when it comes to food. So it’s pretty handy if you have a radio that lets you choose your favorites from more than 15,000 online radio stations, or your own MP3s. Perfect for finding the right chansons to go with your coq au vin to create a very special atmosphere in your kitchen. Music can be selected by language, genre, or style, and the radio is conveniently controlled via an app or the supplied remote control. Just turn it on, turn it up, and get your kitchen groove on! Images © Pearl


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