A cooktop bearing the SCHOTT CERAN® logo

Research has a beginning and a goal. But for us it never ends. 

Why SCHOTT CERAN® is what it is.
A cooktop bearing the SCHOTT CERAN® logo

Research has a beginning and a goal. But for us it never ends. 

Why SCHOTT CERAN® is what it is.
"Never stop inventing" – three simple words that mean everything to us. They show who we are and explain why we do what we do. We have always considered ourselves drivers, innovators and experts on an entire industry. We strive to be inventors in the truest sense of the word, do pioneer work and redefine the limitations of physics and chemistry. This is why we never settle for obvious solutions. It’s why we never stop.

We are simply fascinated by glass. We do research on it and constantly discover new sides to this truly unique material, for instance how incredibly strong and heat resistant it can be. This insight alone has not only resulted in more than 160 additional patent families, but also a product that is a little like us. More demanding. More innovative. More dependable. What are we referring to? SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels, of course.
Silhouette against a starry sky

More curious.

For us, glass was never just a material that we use to make products, but always a fascinating topic that deserves to be researched.

And we have always had our sights set high. Because glass-ceramic doesn’t expand, SCHOTT used this material where the highest possible precision was needed: as a mirror substrate in astronomical telescopes. In fact, our special glass-ceramic ZERODUR® has been doing a great job for decades. Since then, we have had an impact on people’s everyday lives all over the world. This is because we are always looking for new ways to change and improve their lives with this material. Because we have remained curious on where our glass will take us. You too? Then please keep an eye out for the SCHOTT CERAN® logo.
Silhouette behind a transparent glass-ceramic cooktop panel

More inventive.

We not only revolutionized the kitchen with our black glass-ceramic, but also never stopped doing so.

SCHOTT CERAN® has brought many changes. But that isn’t enough for us. After all, even if something is good, it can still be improved upon. This is why we continue to move forward – milestone after milestone. This is how we keep up with or even anticipate the changes that take place in our world. Induction was only another station on an exciting journey. We’re very excited about what will come next and confident that we will be a part of it.
The word pioneering projected on the ground

More groundbreaking.

For us, being a trendsetter isn’t something that happens by chance, but rather a matter of passion.

With respect to developments, you can either let yourself go with the flow or actively steer them in the right direction. We want to be an originator and stay one decisive step ahead.  With highly committed engineers for whom glass science is a form of art with high technological standards. And who have the will, courage and know-how to develop ideas into products that are ready for the marketplace and the power of conviction they need to convince others to join us.
Graphic with the words more transparent, more creative, greater versatile

More creative.

We don’t react to trends, we define them.

While you are now getting to know our latest products, we are busy conducting research on new ideas. This means we are always in tune with the times and surprise people by coming up with innovations that really change things. Take our transparent glass-ceramic that turns any range into a designer range, for example, or our black glass-ceramic that lets you use LED displays from the entire spectrum. They not only look futuristic, but also allow for new operating concepts.
A futuristic tunnel

More future-oriented.

Others speculate as to what the future will look like. We take it much more seriously.

For us, this means thinking ahead to what the world might look like tomorrow at our modern glass research center in Mainz, for instance. Or with our 600 employees who do research on the possibilities that glass materials offer all over the world and don’t accept limits. Or by following cooking, living and living trends very closely and reflecting on them. But we also never lose sight of either the past or the present, as they are often the key to being successful in the future.
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