SCHOTT CERAN® quality testing

Our standards are measures in millimeters and microns.

SCHOTT CERAN®: with high quality to global success.
For us at SCHOTT, the big picture isn’t the only thing that’s important, but also minor details. We rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the highest possible standards for quality to produce our cooktop panels. Raw glass manufacturing alone is meticulously monitored at more than 5,000 measurement points. You can therefore be sure that no cooktop panel ever leaves our plants without being inspected by highly sensitive laser technology and the glance of our highly qualified personnel that has proven itself millions of times.

Only a truly perfect cooktop panel ever receives our seal of quality, the SCHOTT CERAN® logo, at the end of an equally painstaking and environmentally-friendly production process.
Graphic of the production process: step glass manufacturing
a)  A special mixture of raw ingredients is melted into molten glass at a temperature of 1600 °C (2912° F).
b) The raw glass in liquid form is rolled into the desired thickness.
c)  The glass is gradually cooled down from a temperature of 900 °C (1652° F) to 100 °C (212 ° F) while the residual tension is released.
d)  Now the glass can be cut and subjected to one final quality inspection.
e)  Glass manufacturing is finished. The glass is now ready for processing.
Graphic of the production process: step finishing into a glass-ceramic cooktop panel
a) The glass surface is cut.
b) Next, it is ground and the holes are drilled.
c) The cooktop panels are printed to suit the individual needs of the appliance manufacturer.
d) A glass-ceramic is produced during the ceramization process.
e) The glass-ceramic cooktop panel is shipped to the appliance maker after the final inspection so that they can install our cooktop panel in their product. This is how it gets delivered to your home.
Sheets of raw glass aligned in a row

The whole world knows us. And we know it.

Regional quality, international proximity – SCHOTT manufactures all of its raw glass in Germany. Nevertheless, processing of the raw glass into glass-ceramic takes place not only in Germany, but also in North America and Asia.
Raw glass on the production line

New standards non-stop.

SCHOTT CERAN® is manufactured as sustainably, resource friendly and socially responsibly as possible. For this reason, we constantly optimize not only the quality of our products, but also how we manufacture them.
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