Selection of glass-ceramic cooktop panels laid down on top of each other like a fan

You can follow trends. Or you can set them.

SCHOTT CERAN® has many facets.
When you think of glass-ceramic, at first you probably think of a smooth, black surface. That’s not surprising – our black glass-ceramic has been at home in many kitchens around the world for decades regardless of whether you’re cooking with an electric, gas, or induction stove. But SCHOTT CERAN® is more than just black. In transparent or white, our glass-ceramic offers even more possibilities to design your kitchen down to the last detail in your own style.
Black glass-ceramic cooktop panels with different designs

Black is not just black.

Black glass-ceramic is much more than just a black cooking surface. CERAN® Flash Colors, for example, give the black surface a special touch: some shimmer in the light, others have a metallic shine. Then there are the LED displays that use the entire color spectrum. Other qualities are invisible to the eye, however: With a patented production technique, SCHOTT is able to refrain from adding the heavy metals arsenic and antimony and thus has produced the first eco-friendly cooktop. Our black glass-ceramic is therefore not only diverse, but especially sustainable.
Transparent glass-ceramic cooktop panels with different designs

Design with transparency.

Our transparent glass-ceramic perfects the idea of offering diversity using different combinations. Colored layers on the bottom side meet varying decorative colors on the surface. The results are endless and include unique designs in warm and cold gray tones which ensure impressive 3D effects. Multi-colored function displays even including TFT touch displays are suitable for a user-friendly interface. Especially designed for induction, the transparent glass-ceramic brings the future into your kitchen.
White glass-ceramic cooktop panels with different designs

Diversity in white.

White is noble, clear, modern – and one of the recent kitchen trends. This is a trend which white SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic first brought to stovetops. SCHOTT has four white glass-ceramic cooktop panels in varying shades in its portfolio.
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