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Brings everything to the table. Especially your passion.

A wide variety of SCHOTT CERAN® choices.
While the world is getting smaller, the kitchen is becoming a gastronomical oasis. Continents and cultures, aromas and spices come together on the stove. Today it might be Asian, while tomorrow it's Mediterranean or German.

SCHOTT is inspired by this trend of more international tastes. The result is innovative products that go beyond SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktops. Because anyone who enjoys cooking Asian, Spanish or directly at the table should benefit from our long-lasting glass-ceramic cooktops. And before we forget: all of the components can be integrated in your built-in kitchen and are yet another highlight in your kitchen design, regardless of whether you prefer a built-in or free-standing appliance.
SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel
SCHOTT CERAN® contact grill with a ribbed cooking surface
SCHOTT CERAN® contact grill with a smooth cooking surface
Tabletop device featuring SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic
SCHOTT CERAN® flow wok

A must have that does it all.

There's no getting around the original among glass-ceramic cooktops in a modern kitchen. SCHOTT CERAN® is a must for anyone who wants to cook with and enjoy the latest technology – whether it’s a gas, radiant or induction range.

Like cooking on charcoal. But without charcoal.

An electric grill may not be an alternative for fans of charcoal-fired grills, but there are a lot of advantages to grilling with the grooved SCHOTT CERAN® contact grill panel. The grilled food gets the lines of a cast-iron grate – without the unpleasantness of fat dripping onto the embers, flying embers or the ashes taking a long time to cool.

Mediterranean grilling in the kitchen.

"Planchas" (electric flattop grills that originated in Spain), have become essential appliances in kitchens for good reason; they are a healthy and fast way to grill food without much preheating or scrubbing after grilling. Even burnt-on food can be easily scraped off the SCHOTT CERAN® contact grill surface.

Turn your table into a cooking table.

Our mobile society has even changed how we cook – cooking no longer takes place on the stove, but at the table with self-sufficient SCHOTT CERAN® tabletop appliances. You can cook anywhere there is a power source. Of course, the quality, stability and safety of these appliances meets the same high standards as our built-in cooktops.

New Asian hotspot: your kitchen.

Fans of Asian cuisine can also get their money's worth – with our SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic wok. It brings the advantages of traditional Asian cooking to the Western world while offering high product quality and easy cleaning. The wok is used as a component for tabletop and built-in appliances with induction heating.
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