Innovative materials: Materials made from seaweed

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Seaweed is found in great quantities in our seas and oceans. But up to now, this material has rarely been used. Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet has worked with this natural product for over two years – and has recognized its potential as a textile component.




She developed a natural seaweed thread for her first project “SEA ME”. It is a handwoven rug made of sea algae yarn, knotted onto an old fishing net. But for her, this was just the starting point for an even more ambitious project. She had the vision of using 100% of the material – i.e. reusing all production waste for her Project.




The result is the SEA ME collection, which consists of a chair, a table and bowls made of organic plastic. The chair has a finely woven seat area made of seaweed, colored with seaweed pigments. The surface of the table is coated with paint made from waste derived during the manufacturing process. The bowls consist of organic plastic and a waste product from the thread production.




The natural coloring made of seaweed pigments offers a wide range of color. Depending on seaweed type, color tones ranging from green, brown, pink to purple are possible. Nienke Hoogvliet now hopes that the enormous potential from seaweed will be recognized and that a future with a sustainable textile industry is possible.

More about the Nienke Hoogvliet studio and the SEA ME collection:

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