Let there be light – with CERAN EXCITE®

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In 2016 and within the context of the SCHOTT CERAN® Experience, we presented the first concept studies on the topic of light. The focus was placed on innovative operating concepts and functions with light under the cooktop, such as cooking-zone markings in different LED colors. We have now gone a step further. At this year’s SCHOTT CERAN® Experience, market-ready, light-optimized solutions from the new CERAN EXCITE® product range were presented to customers.

Turns cooking into an experience

Cooking habits change. The time spent at the kitchen stove is getting ever shorter and has become a luxury. Functional, flexible appliances are needed that save time while providing for more quality of life within one’s own home. Professional and amateur chefs desire simple and intuitive user guidance to provide aid, for instance, in the form of feedback during the cooking process.

Five different user groups emerge from the demands. And CERAN EXCITE® can individually respond to each one.

The multi-tasker:
Would generally like more flexibility while cooking and to be able to prepare several dishes in different pots at the same time.

The passionate one:
Cooking should be a sensuous and elementary experience. That’s why gas is their best option.

The family guy:
Safety at the stove is paramount here so that the offspring doesn’t get burned.

The aesthete:
Values high-end devices which make the kitchen an eye-catcher.

The technology fan:
Desires innovative functions like in a smart phone. Induction, for the time being, is not intelligent enough for them.

Innovation at the speed of light

Our light features will soon support many functions which make home cooktops more emotional, safe, aesthetic and functional. We are focusing exclusively on the development of glass-ceramic materials. This provides home-appliance manufacturers with the perfect basis to not only much more easily integrate light, but also make it an essential component in the design of future devices. Product design that uses light is interesting, especially for cooking with induction technology, because most cooks lack visual feedback here.  For many, cooking with induction is simply not emotional enough.

The homogeneous kitchen

Design with light also has other advantages. “360-degree design” and “Family design” are also in vogue. Home appliances are being increasingly aligned with one another. The user interface of the cooktop, for instance, should be identical in functionality and appearance with the operation of the coffee machine and the oven, thereby also visually supporting communication between the devices.

The power of light

Our light features range from the usual LEDs in red to elegant, white LEDs. Today, red light is still standard in most devices. It is certainly not easy to make a very specific blue light or a clear white shine through black glass-ceramic.

We have developed a material that allows light to shine through much clearer and brighter. The light-optimized glass ceramic is ideally suited to blue and white displays. It allows white light to shine through four times brighter than conventional black glass-ceramic.

Thanks to specific filters and additional coatings, the color shade of the LEDs is optimally adapted. With them, home-appliance manufacturers can implement innovative operating technologies with light into their devices.

The light-optimized glass-ceramic materials enable light functions in the control panel of the cooking surface (i.e. monochromatic and high-resolution TFT displays), and for the first time in the area of the cooking zone – right where cooking generates elevated temperatures (i.e. as bright, pin-sharp light elements to mark cooking-zones).

Bright prospects

The first glass-ceramic cooktops employing CERAN EXCITE® light features are available at some manufacturers in Europe. During the next year more EXCITE® products will enter mass production and help shape a more vivid and intuitive world of glass-ceramic and home appliances.

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