Mini kitchens – really big small things

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Many households long for an open and spacious kitchen, but the available room is rather small. Yet that doesn’t mean that pots and pans can’t be rattled just as well in a small space. Customized storage solutions combined with smart technology let mini kitchens punch above their weight.

Kitchen cosmetics

Let’s start with color selection. Light colors make rooms appear larger. Pastels and classic white are the most appropriate. Stay away from dark colors, which make rooms look smaller. Colors like black and brown should certainly not dominate. Be sure to select glossy materials for surfaces. They reflect the room they are in and are even easier to clean than matte surfaces. Size is in small details: wide cabinets without handles and smooth surfaces make for a tidy look and provide lots of storage space. Selecting installations that are seamless and flush with adjacent areas provides kitchens with a more harmonious look. Utilizing heights: don’t hesitate to use the full room height in small kitchens. A small pharmacy cabinet, for instance, can fill small gaps in the wall and be filled with all manner of small articles. If you would rather forgo the dining table, install a kitchen island and use it as a breakfast bar and dining table. Modern fume hoods such as downdraft systems, integrated into the cooking surface and not placed above it, save room while providing for a fresh breeze.

Adieu to conventional kitchen doors: a sliding glass door not only looks good, it saves a lot of room and lends kitchens a sense of openness. Other features of a splendid mini kitchen include electronic devices, nowadays also available built in. Thus a mundane coffee maker becomes a stylish coffee bar, a simple microwave a snack stand, and water faucets become multifunctional taps that include sparkling water. When selecting accessories like glasses, plates, knives and forks, less is more. Don’t hesitate to go for premium products. They will provide more enjoyment for more time and give your kitchen a final finishing touch.

As you see, a few flicks of the wrist are all it takes to convert a few square meters into a dream kitchen. In any case, we at SCHOTT CERAN® hope you enjoy your meals and that you cozy up to the most important room in any home – the kitchen.

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