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Yesterday we were provided with a first look into the Internet of Things. Although this needed advance is a sign of the times and still in diapers, it is growing in leaps and bounds. The following short science-fiction story depicts a future in which machines learn and anticipate.

A somewhat different coffee klatch

Autumn had arrived. The wind pattered rain against the fogged up windows and swirled wet leaves around. Alice clambered onto the window sill. She got up before her parents and wanted to surprise them with breakfast.

Bean”, she said over her shoulder, “Please make a coffee with milk for mom and dad”.

The coffee machine hissed to life, while at the same time checking the data of dad’s blood sugar meter.

Before Bean began grinding, it said, “Without sugar today for dad. Analysis of the data indicates a high level of blood sugar.”*

Okay then, without”, said Alice while patting Bean on its metal casing.

Again the IoT responded in the background, but this time with Alice’s smartphone. Her latest search results included “the best hot chocolate in town.”

“And for you a hot chocolate with lots of milk and a nice dollop of cream, before mom and dad catch wind of it?”, Bean questioningly whispered to Alice.

“Yes, would love one!”, Alice responded with a smile.


*Things, of course, do not communicate as we do. Their conversation runs more like this: <SCHOTT.CERAN.IFTTT> “If mom|dad look tired, then BEAN(prepare(coffee(withmilk(sugar)))); if BEAN(bloodsugarlevel(dad),>1), then BEAN(prepare(coffee(withmilk(without.sugar))))“</SCHOTT.CERAN.IFTTT>


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