Your cooktop: Playing field and experimental area in one

Scratch-resistant SCHOTT CERAN Miradur® cooktop featuring artfully arranged food

The center of your life

The SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop expands your kitchen and possibilities – with technology that thinks ahead, making everything easier and more fun. And with a design that perfectly matches your personal taste. SCHOTT CERAN® is made for the everyday and holiday, small breakfasts and big parties, lifestyle and new experiences. It’s simply made for you.

Bird’s eye-view into a kitchen with a family and their SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop featuring the EXCITE® light

SCHOTT CERAN®. The Original

A ceramic cooktop? There might be many of them. But only one who invented it, establishing a new product category – a globally known and registered trademark. SCHOTT CERAN® is not simply a cooking surface, it is an idea that is constantly evolving. A cooking experience that is getting better and better. With everything that is important today, tomorrow, and for you.

Fits induction, gas, electric, and your cooking style

SCHOTT CERAN® is also available with induction – here featuring white illuminated cooking zones
Typical red-glowing cooking zone of an electric stove with a SCHOTT CERAN® cooking surface
SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic on a gas stove, recognizable by the blue flame

Compatibility. For your creativity

With a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop, many think I only cook with electric. But regardless of whether you prefer an electric, gas or modern induction cooktop: SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic fits everywhere and is the perfect basis for your way of cooking.


For everything that may happen on your cooking surface

Close-up photo of sand as a symbol for the scratch-resistant coating SCHOTT CERAN Miradur®


Your kitchen is not a showroom, but a living space. Full of action, sometimes hectic, and sometimes something goes wrong. Thanks to the scratch-resistant SCHOTT CERAN Miradur® coating, your glass-ceramic cooking surface remains flawless and you stay relaxed.

A trace of salt on a scratch-resistant SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooking surface

Almost as hard as a diamond

In addition to pots and pans, there are also completely different things on the cooking surface: salt grains from seasoning, and sand grains from vegetable cleaning or a shopping bag. All these might leave scratches. But not with Miradur®. Thanks to a special coating, it has a scratch resistance similar to the hardest gemstones.

View from below, through a SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic surface, of a party situation in a kitchen

As beautiful as on the first day

Miradur® is 95%* more scratch-resistant against sand than conventional cooktops. It also offers protection in the event of another, rather unexpected danger: cleaning. An abrasive cloth can cause micro-scratches. But Miradur® is also 70%* more scratch-resistant against abrasive sponges. This gives you a flawless glass-ceramic surface and many years of enjoyment. (*According to PI test.)

SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir™ Glaskeramik schwebt im Raum vor einer Installation aus Lichtstäben, die hindurchscheinen.

The new glass-ceramic is this smart: SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir®

SCHOTT CERAN® has been part of the kitchens of this world for 50 years. Now comes the completely newly developed smart glass-ceramic: SCHOTT CERAN Luminoir® is deep black and more translucent than ever before. This opens up almost endless possibilities for design and intuitive operation. Together with the sophisticated black look, your kitchen will become a place of experience more than ever before. True black. Bright light. Pure joy.


More about LUMINOIR®

Bring light and ambience to your kitchen with CERAN EXCITE®

Get a taste of the future

What do tomorrow’s kitchen and life look like? We think and look ahead to what is possible. Where today’s megatrends are leading to and how digital networking can enrich your cooking experience. We want to make many things more relaxed and exciting with ideas for innovative high-tech kitchens – and bring people together.

SCHOTT CERAN® – Excitement on top

Looking through a smartphone display, seeing people testing the new CERAN EXCITE® glass-ceramic cooktop

More than cooking: A real experience

SCHOTT CERAN® transforms functionality into emotionality. Material, design, and light appeal to the senses. The cooking surface is an entire world: for inspiration, for communication, for a special experience. More than 200 million customers have already opted for it. Especially because cooking becomes such a pleasant experience with SCHOTT CERAN®.


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