SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop: Your color, light, and cooking experience.

Black SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooking surfaces with various decors for individual design in the kitchen

Black glass-ceramic.

Black SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic has changed the kitchen forever: As the world’s first glass-ceramic, it is manufactured without the heavy metals arsenic and antimony. CERAN® is robust, temperature-stable, resistant, suitable for all heating technologies – and the basis for most of the cooking processes around the world. Simply groundbreaking. There are also countless possibilities for coatings or the integration of light. Because: Black doesn’t always have to be black. Just fascinatingly beautiful.

Transparent SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop with stripe decor and colored backside coating

Designers: Transparent glass-ceramics.

A transparent CERAN® cooktop offers countless combination possibilities for creative freedom. Colored layers on the underside meet the decorative colors of the top. Choose from warm or cool shades of gray, a matte or stainless-steel look for your desired design.

White SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop with a white grid pattern

Trendsetter: White glass-ceramic.

A white ceramic stands for a sophisticated, clean, and modern look with versatility. A portfolio of four white variants in many color nuances is open to you. Choose from countless decorative variants that turn SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic into your very own.

Withstands a lot. Looks good. SCHOTT CERAN Miradur®.

Chaotic, passionate, meditative. No matter your cooking style: Caution is no longer part of it. Miradur® is the world’s first and only scratch-resistant glass-ceramic cooking surface. It withstands the mechanical and thermal stresses of everyday cooking – and scratches. In figures: 95% fewer scratches caused by sand, etc., which remains on the cooking surface when the lettuce is washed, and usually leaves lasting marks when the pot is moved. As well as 70% fewer scratches due to abrasive sponges that you might use to clean the surface after cooking.

We call it “durable miracle” – which is where the name Miradur® comes from. After all, a perfect cooktop must not only be functional, it must also provide the eye with long-lasting enjoyment. And this is where our hard diamond surface shines. The fascinating design sets a clear accent and attracts everyone’s attention as the visual center of your kitchen. Miradur® has a slightly metallic look and a futuristic touch. For a cooktop that speaks its own design language – and meets the highest aesthetic demands.


The first one turns on the light: The innovative cooktop illumination.

With EXCITE®, SCHOTT CERAN® adds a new dimension to your cooking experience. Light as a cooking zone marker, display, or source of atmospheric ambience. Light-optimized glass-ceramic materials allow white light to shine through four times brighter and display LED colors intensively and clearly.
Blue-illuminated cooking zone of a gas stove with CERAN EXCITE®

Hot zone.

Visible decoration for cooking zones are a thing of the past. When switched on, the active zones are visualized by attractive, colored cooking zone markings. And even after being switched off, it remains clear which field has not yet cooled down. This means that visual feedback is now also possible with induction. For even more comfort and safety.

Monochrome TFT display and modern graphic cooking zones shine in bright red

Cold zone.

Bright and clear 7-segment displays in all LED colors or monochrome, and even high-resolution TFT displays guide eyes and hands to ensure intuitive operation. This is how CERAN EXCITE® brings your cooktop into the smartphone age – and lays the foundation for connectivity concepts in the smart, networked kitchen of the future.

Pot of water on a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop with circumferential red light line

Ambient lighting.

CERAN EXCITE® light is not only an operating concept, it is also a design and lighting element. The edge of the glass-ceramic is illuminated by an elegant-futuristic light strip. If desired, multicolored light wraps the kitchen in atmospheric lighting, while the cooktop remains pure black when switched off.

Logo with two rectangles and text inside: iF Gold Award 2019

Not just exciting. It’s also a winner.

CERAN EXCITE® was honored with the iF Gold Award 2019 for its extraordinary design and groundbreaking innovation. We’re even more delighted that our innovation inspires the most important jury: our direct customers. And of course you, too.

Logo showing AWE Award 2021 for SCHOTT CERAN

SCHOTT CERAN® won its first award in China in 2021 and at the same time the second prestigious award for the same product after the IF Gold Award: SCHOTT CERAN EXCITE® is the winner of the "AWE 2021 Best Innovation Award," an honor that is considered to be the "Oscar Award of Chinese Home Appliance Industry".

Expression of your individuality. Set in glass-ceramic.

The fine way of cooking: SCHOTT CERAN® Fine Print. The fine way of cooking: SCHOTT CERAN® Fine Print.
  • The fine way of cooking: SCHOTT CERAN® Fine Print.
  • The fine way of cooking: SCHOTT CERAN® Fine Print.

The fine way of cooking: SCHOTT CERAN® Fine Print.

Cooking is a game of imagination. And here is your play area: a screen-printed ceramic cooktop. Innovative CERAN® Fine Print technology can display photos of your choice in high resolution across the entire surface and realistically depict a wide range of material impressions. Whether it’s a stone or wood effect or the crest of your favorite soccer team: Anything is possible if the picture has enough fans. 
Designed with fingertip sensitivity: CERAN® Smooth Print. Designed with fingertip sensitivity: CERAN® Smooth Print.
  • Designed with fingertip sensitivity: CERAN® Smooth Print.
  • Designed with fingertip sensitivity: CERAN® Smooth Print.

Designed with fingertip sensitivity: CERAN® Smooth Print.

Cooking is an experience for all the senses. And for your sense of touch, there’s CERAN® Smooth Print. In the production process, visible and noticeable textures are applied to the glass-ceramic surface. This creates a new touch-sensitive operating concept specifically for you, which makes cooking even more intuitive. wird.

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SCHOTT CERAN Miradur® logo on the corner of a black vitroceramic cooking surface

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