Award-worthy innovation

They are handed out for films, series, advertising, literature, science and in many other fields: awards. The award ceremony we are talking about today revolves exclusively around kitchens and bathrooms. ... mehr

A hot item – the classic waffle

Winter marches on, temperatures are freezing, and the Christmas gifts are already a hazy memory. High time for some variety. We have moved beyond smoothies and power food recipes and opted for a Belgian ... mehr

Deluxe pasta from the can

It’s got to be fast. It’s got to be easy to prepare. It’s got to taste good. For everyone out there to whom all cookbooks are Greek but who would nevertheless like to eat well, we have just the ... mehr

The Valentine’s Day recipe

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. If you would like to surprise your loved one with something homemade, just rattle some pots and pans. We have a delicious recipe for you, prepared with seasonal vegetables. ... mehr

Of baby vegetables and ancient myths

If it’s half-baked, it doesn’t make it to the plate. And the older we get, the more myths occur to us. What are we talking about? About vegetables. We are shedding light on some of the myths, mistakes and ... mehr

Almond raspberry scones: How sweet Scotland is

Scotland: wind, rain, sun, snow, and wind again. The weather on the coasts of Scotland has always been a bit indecisive. The landscape is just as unpredictable as the weather. The craggy and verdant green ... mehr

Scones, the kilt among pastries

Wait a second, aren’t scones typically British! Not exactly. Even though the little baked tidbits are as English as the Queen and Tea Time, they originated in Scotland and were invented at the end of the ... mehr

Virtual Reality – a magical world

Becoming part of an illusion and delving into virtual worlds – if that evokes images of the blockbuster movie AVATAR they are not unfounded. Virtual reality is blazing its trail into our lives. It quickens ... mehr