Another fish to fry

In connection with our blog post about the seven seas, today we’d like to present a fish recipe. Fish is one of the best sources of protein as part of our daily diet and, what’s more, it is rich in Omega 3 ... mehr

The 3-course biowaste menu

Prepare a delicious dinner with your own biowaste? Sounds unappetizing at first and seemingly beyond the realms of possibility. But this is just what an Israeli start-up has managed with its product by the ... mehr

The history of the toothbrush

It’s actually quite remarkable that our toothbrush, as we know it today, only goes back about 100 years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that prior to this useful invention people had self-cleaning teeth. ... mehr

Red wine? White wine? Orange wine!

Orange wine? Wine made of oranges? Far from it. For a long time now, wine connoisseurs have been torn, not only between white, red or rosé wine, but also orange wine. For all beer drinkers and not so ... mehr

Our yin

CERAN® Flash Colors: as the name suggests, these specially developed metallic colors produce some very special effects when light plays off them on cooktop panels. They shimmer uniquely and shine in ... mehr

Nothing for landlubbers

What helps crews bond on the high seas? Is it teamwork? Individual expertise? Or is it the commander? Well, in principle all of the above are true. But it is still the ship’s cook who lays the foundation. ... mehr

Award-worthy innovation

They are handed out for films, series, advertising, literature, science and in many other fields: awards. The award ceremony we are talking about today revolves exclusively around kitchens and bathrooms. ... mehr