The best parties are celebrated in the kitchen

In the commercial the disappointed neighbor shouts in vain, “The spaghetti is ready!” to summon her family to dinner. Fortunately, all commercials that ever were can still be found on the omniscient ... mehr

Let there be light – with CERAN EXCITE®

In 2016 and within the context of the SCHOTT CERAN® Experience, we presented the first concept studies on the topic of light. The focus was placed on innovative operating concepts and functions with light ... mehr

Get excited: Cooking surfaces in a new light

The third SCHOTT CERAN® Experience opened its doors to about 300 invited guests at the ewerk Berlin: developers, product managers, designers, purchasers and business leaders, as well as partners from ... mehr

Endurance test passed

Our glass-ceramic cooktop panels have already proven their scratch resistance here and there in the past. Whether at the IFA 2016 or the Clerkenwell Design Week in London – the visitors could put our ... mehr

How much bio is there in bioplastics?

The fact that plastic comes from crude oil and that crude oil has often provided for one or another environmental catastrophe is probably not lost on anyone. Not only is manufacture problematic, but ... mehr

Our yin

CERAN® Flash Colors: as the name suggests, these specially developed metallic colors produce some very special effects when light plays off them on cooktop panels. They shimmer uniquely and shine in ... mehr

Do you want to plant me?!

What would our meals be without basil, mint and the like? Pretty boring it would seem. Whether dried or fresh – herbs belong in every kitchen. But what happens when you’re finished with the 99-cent ... mehr

Cooking with kids

There are parents who would envelope their kids in bubble wrap to protect them from the hazards of this world. Especially in the kitchen, the parent radar is on high alert. Sharp objects, hot surfaces and ... mehr

The 3-course biowaste menu

Prepare a delicious dinner with your own biowaste? Sounds unappetizing at first and seemingly beyond the realms of possibility. But this is just what an Israeli start-up has managed with its product by the ... mehr