A hot item – the classic waffle

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Winter marches on, temperatures are freezing, and the Christmas gifts are already a hazy memory. High time for some variety. We have moved beyond smoothies and power food recipes and opted for a Belgian temptation. Just smelling these classic waffles makes not just kids’ mouths water. Whether with powdered sugar, hot cherries or nut butter, there are lots of delicious and wacky variations. The recipe below makes for sweet moments at home. Prerequisite, of course, is a waffle iron.


Ingredients for 6-8 waffles:

250 grams room temperature margarine

250 grams sugar

1 envelope vanilla sugar

6 egg yolks

6 egg whites, beaten

500 grams flour

1/2 envelope baking powder

450 milliliters lukewarm milk


Mix the margarine with the sugar and egg yolk and beat until frothy

Heat the milk to lukewarm and mix in the baking powder-flour mix. Attn: The milk must not be hot!

Then mix in the margarine-sugar, egg yolk mass. Finally, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt and carefully fold in.

Grease the waffle iron and heat, then spread the dough over the iron. The longer the dough stays on the waffle iron, the more golden and crispy the waffle will come out. This is a matter of taste and cooking time is left to each individual.


Whether with hot cherries or whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or just powdered sugar – the topping is up to you. A bit of grated cheese and ham, or smoked bacon are just as savory.

Have fun, and may the waffle iron be with you!

Bon appetit!

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