A winner, an interview, and many questions

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We proudly present: Max Neustadt, winner of the SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards 2017! The experts believe that the industrial designer working in Munich, hit the bullseye with his concept VESTA 4.0. In London we had the opportunity to ask him some intriguing questions about himself and his concept.

What inspired you to do this concept/design? Where did you get the idea?

Max: The inspiration for the design originally came from the very materials I used for my concept. I have tried to create something which lives exclusively by glass-ceramic and also only functions with it. The social aspect with regard to dining and cooking also played a major role. I wanted to build a central piece of furniture at which the entire family could come together, cook, eat and work.

Does VESTA 4.0 reflect your usual work approach or is the concept different in principle from your other work?

Max: I take no ideological approach when it comes to design. Most of my work always has a very clear and simple character. I personally prefer reduced and uncluttered design, even though most of the designers I look up to work with much more detail and decoration.

How did you come upon the idea to name your piece after the Roman goddess Vesta?

Max: Well, I first needed a name for the overall concept and for the intelligent assistance software, which is also part of the concept. I was looking for a feminine name when I remembered my Latin class. There we once talked about the goddess of fire and the goddess of home and hearth. So I thought that would be the perfect name for the concept.

Are there details about your design that you would like to briefly explain?

Max: : I really wanted to break free from the typical 60 x 60 building blocks which we are all familiar with from conventional kitchens. I also wanted to reconceive the usual black 60 x 60 glass-ceramic panels. I furthermore wanted to tie a well-known piece of furniture into my concept. That’s how I came upon this archaic table shape with four legs and a round tabletop. In the end it is just a table. Simple and clear in structure and design.

Your design also distinguishes itself by a special lighting concept. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Max: That’s right! Light played a major role, since in addition to being a dining area, the kitchen is also a work area. Both require good light. In the right light a tomato, for instance, can look very enticing. Under dim lighting it looks pale and dull. That’s why it was important to me to always provide the right light for every activity, whether cooking, eating, or working.

What does your own kitchen look like? Do you also prefer this style at home?

Max: I built my kitchen myself. Since I am also a trained craftsman, it was clear that I would design and build my own kitchen. It is very small and did not cost much. It consists primarily of pine wood and has everything you need, from stove to dishwasher.


What do your plans for the future look like? What is the next object of your design?

Max: A year ago I set up my own design company. It is still in the start-up stage and is very time consuming. I am working on a couple of furniture projects on the side. In the future I hope for many more exciting projects with interesting customers.


We at SCHOTT CERAN® wish Max Neustadt well and are convinced that we will be hearing from him again in the future.

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