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Numerous designers have presented their interpretation of Cooking FUSICS at the SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS 2017. We were thrilled by each and every one of them. Today we would like to show you the ideas which our international jury considered the top submissions. In the video you will also see the SCHOTT Special Award and the Honorable Mentions:

1st Place: VESTA 4.0 by Max Neustadt, Germany

The kitchen is where life actually happens. Where we cook, eat, and celebrate together. VESTA 4.0 cracks this closed room open. The decentralized, intelligent kitchen concept brings the experience of cooking to the living space. How does it work? It’s actually quite simple. The main piece of furniture is a round dining table made of glass-ceramic with four induction surfaces in the middle. The LED lamp hanging above it creates different atmospheres and its light tops off the concept. Overall this cooking/dining table transmits a very tidy impression that is cool while at the same time warm. The perfect symbiosis between cooking, eating, and living. With an especially practical touch: the rechargeable battery is concealed in one of the table legs. Integrated technologies, such as voice-recognition system, are enclosed in an also round glass-ceramic mirror, making it a control panel which gives users pointers on cooking and suggests online recipes. Moreover, the mirror writes grocery lists and sends them to the appropriate person by SMS. We congratulate Max Neustadt on his first place finish for this exciting concept.

2nd Place: THE COOKING TABLE II by Moritz Putzier, Germany

Preparing meals together is creative and fun. Moritz Putzier has brought this experience out of the kitchen and with his Cooking Table II birthed a concept which merges cooking, dining and social interaction. The show-stopper of his innovative kitchen concept: a magnetic power transmission rail. The portable induction cooking plates made of CERAN® glass-ceramic can be attached to this rail and conveniently pushed back and forth. So it’s a lot of fun when someone requests “Pass me the rice”! The integrated coils on the cooking plates work with inductive energy and are conveniently stored in their own custom drawers under the solid wooden table. We say great idea and Congratulations on the second-place finish.

3rd Place: LEVELD INDUCTION COOKTOP by Jaewan Choi, South Korea

Identifying problems and finding the right solutions. Jaewan Choi has managed to do this with his intriguing concept. Who hasn’t had to deal with space issues when there is no more room for pots and pans while cooking on a small cooking surface? With the “Leveled Induction Cooktop” kitchen concept, this problem dissolves into thin air. Pots and pans can be rearranged by raising a single cooking plate. This unused surface now provides much more freedom in a tight space. Jaewan Choi has taken third place with his clever idea. Congratulations!

Of course there were many more excellent and exciting concepts that we would like to share with you. In our next article we are going to show you a couple more concepts that also impressed the expert jury.


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