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We love peering into other people’s kitchens and pots. That’s why we were glad that Tanja Farwick of the Foodistas invited us to her new and stylish kitchen for a get-together of discovery, chatting and eating. The cooking, by the way, was done on the SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards 2016 award-winning cooking surface.

A dream of a kitchen

Tanja’s kitchen is a real eye-catcher: the wooden work surface perfectly matches the fashionable metallic induction cooktop in rose-gold. It’s all complemented by the beautiful kitchen back panel made of concrete plaster, normally used for floors in airports, and applied with a special foil technique. This gives the back panel a special texture which is not sensitive to splattered fat and sauces. Brilliant! The inviting mango-wood table fits right in with the kitchen ensemble and stylishly complements it.

For those who like award-winning cooktops and would like to decorate their kitchens with one, they can be ordered, exclusively and in limited edition, from Otto.

Kitchen walls rethought

For anyone who would like such a stylish kitchen back panel, we have some design tips using foil technology. They involve a modified type of frottage, in which newspaper is soaked with paint and applied to walls with a brush or by hand and then pulled off. The irregular texture of the material results in an extensive pattern on walls, interspersed with lines and breaks and distinguished by different hues, lending a unique charm to rooms. Instead of newspaper, transparent film has been used in Tanja’s kitchen. The effect is similar.

The golden eggs?

Tanja thought of something very special for inaugurating her SCHOTT CERAN@ cooktop: roasted chicken sandwich. The perfect snack for hot days! Chicken and bacon are placed into a pan on the cooktop, and the eggs are fried sunny-side up in another pan. Tanja had already prepared the salad, tomato and other ingredients, so they were ready to use.

Yet preparing the sandwiches was a bit more difficult than she thought. It turns out that the eggs must have perfect consistency, but they were too runny to cut in the first two attempts. But third time lucky, everything came out right and they were absolutely delicious. The lesson is that good things take time and good food photography requires planning and having prepared the ingredients for several trials 🙂


A look behind the scenes

Smooth operations behind the cameras was ensured by Tine, who is also a Foodista and is Tanja’s friend. To prevent long interruptions, they diligently washed and dried dishes while taking loving culinary care of the entire crew and film team doing the shoot. It’s a good thing there was also enough ice and chilled beverages for all. It was quite hot during the shoot, and the heat was amplified by the film crew’s many special lamps.

Even though it all ends up looking so easy in the video, it did take some time for the three people in the film crew, who sometimes used four cameras at a time, to collect enough material for such a short shoot: 500GB data  and 5 1/2 hours of film material for just a few minutes of moving image, we don’t usually stop to think about that when viewing. But it was a lot of fun and a great experience for the whole team.



And now it’s your turn!

If you would like a taste of the delicious sandwich, check out the Foodistas blog for step-by-step instructions.

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