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Tips and tricks for a sustainable kitchen

We cook, bake, stew. Sometimes all at once, others much more. That’s how it is in the kitchen and that’s how it should be. But even when we have thought of everything and have planned the dish in detail down to the pinch of salt, something is often still missing from our preparations – energy saving. Even though it’s not only easy on the environment, but also on our pocketbooks. To make it easier in the future, we have collected some tips for you.

Cooking on low flame

Our Top 11 for keeping your energy use on the back burner:

  1. The right base:

The pot bottom when cold should be slightly concave, meaning curved toward the inside. Once it gets hot, it will expand and lie flat on the cooking surface. The pot thus is in direct contact with the cooking surface, making optimal use of the energy.

  1. The perfect material:

The ideal pot bottom consists of stainless steel or steel enamel because these materials transfer heat most effectively in the pot.

  1. The lid fits the pot:

The energy stays right where it is needed. In the pot.

  1. The pot fits on the surface:

When the diameter of the pot fits the size of the cooking surface, the energy consumption also fits.

  1. The right moment:

When cooking with radiant heat don’t turn on the cooking surface until the pot is on it. This does not unnecessarily waste energy.

  1. Transparency is honesty – in cooking as well:

Glass lids help you keep an eye on your eats without having to constantly lift the lid. So no heat goes lost when cooking.

  1. Afterburning:

It is worth it to switch off cooking or baking devices a few minutes before the end of cooking or baking in order to utilize the residual heat.

  1. Not just soups can be reduced:

Begin your frying and cooking processes at the highest setting and then adjust down. This will go easy on your dishes and the environment.

  1. To preheat is to lose:

Preheating the oven wastes energy. Better to take a bit more time and use the heat right from the start.

  1. In front of a closed door:

When baking or cooking in the oven look through the window more often instead of opening the oven itself.

  1. Where the heat is:

Thermal pots and pressure cookers save time and energy.


These have been our Top 11. Have we forgotten any? Drop us a line, and let us know.

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