Cooking in a new light – with CERAN EXCITE®

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We presented the first concept studies on the topic of light in 2016 as part of the SCHOTT CERAN® Experience. Back then, the focus was on innovative operating concepts and functions with light under the cooking zone, such as cooking zone markings in a variety of LED colors. In 2018, we went a step further and presented the new CERAN EXCITE® product portfolio with market-ready, light-optimized solutions at the SCHOTT CERAN® Experience at E-Werk Berlin. And this year, visitors to the IFA had the opportunity to admire the light solutions from the EXCITE® portfolio in the first appliances.

Cooking is becoming more individual and smarter

The cooking surface must adapt flexibly to a wide range of living situations and a broad variety of user requirements.

Professional and hobby cooks want simple and intuitive user guidance that offers support during the cooking process, with feedback functions, for example.

For families, safety is the top priority.

Avid cooks want the option of preparing several dishes in different pans at the same time.

Aesthetic-minded people look for an exclusive ambience and a high-end device that turns the kitchen into a visual eye-catcher.

Technology fans want innovative and smart functions, just like a smartphone.

CERAN EXCITE® has individual elements to suit all these people.

Product design that’s guaranteed to thrill

Our light features support a wide range of functions, that make the cooking zone in the home more appealing, safer, more versatile, more aesthetic and more functional. We therefore offer household appliance manufacturers the perfect basis, not only for integrating light much more easily, but also to make it an indispensable element in the design of future appliances. The product design with light is particularly interesting for cooking with induction technology – because lack of visual feedback was a real drawback here for most cooks.

The light-optimized glass-ceramic material

Our light features start with the usual LEDs in red and range right through to elegant, white LEDs. Red light is standard in most devices to this day. It’s not easy to make a specific blue shade or a clear white shine through the black glass-ceramic, for example.

We have developed a material that allows light to shine through much more clearly and brightly: The light-optimized black glass-ceramic is perfect for blue and white displays. It allows white light to shine through four times brighter than standard black glass-ceramic.

And special filters remove unsightly pixels in the display. Coatings also provide clear shapes with optimal lighting without revealing the ‘inner workings’ of the cooking zone. This means that household appliance manufacturers can include innovative operating technologies and sophisticated light accents in their appliances.

These light-optimized glass-ceramic materials allow functions in the operating area of the cooking surface (for example monochrome and high-resolution TFT displays) and, for the first time, also in the cooking zone area – i.e. where higher temperatures can occur (for example in the form of bright, sharp light elements for cooking zone marking).

In your home

First glass-ceramic cooking surfaces with CERAN EXCITE® light features are already available from some manufacturers in Europe. Soon, even more EXCITE® products will enter series production to help shape the world of glass-ceramic and make household appliances more vibrant and intuitive.

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