The future of the kitchen is bubbling

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The modern kitchen is a far cry from the open hearth. What used to be separate from the actual living area in order to prevent fires has now become the focal point of the house. But it has been a long road to that.

It has grown

With the Bauhaus movement, whose 100 years of existence we celebrate this year, the precursor of the current kitchen developed in the 1920s. Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky’s ‘Frankfurt Kitchen’ was mainly used in social housing and was built into Frankfurt housing estates around 10,000 times. Since the 1980s, the kitchen established itself as the social centre of our households – as an open part of the living space. Today it is often even a status symbol. Kitchen spaces have become larger, various household appliances take over a lot of the work and the design is integrated more in the planning. Appearance and functionality have merged into each other.

Our prototype…

… is leading by example: the FUSICS cooking table is the cooking room of the future. It combines social, technical and aesthetic themes under one roof. Or to be more precise: under one ceramic glass. Thanks to the multi-touch display and the dynamic ingredients list, cooking on its scratch-resistance surface becomes an interactive experience. And with the right tutorials, which appear directly on the cooking table, food can be prepared with ease. Enthusiastic visitors to AWE 2019 in Shanghai were able to test and try out many of its talents for themselves.

Cooking is still a matter for chefs

With so much future in our present, the most important components of a kitchen are still the people. But IoT and Big Data are faced with increasingly large data quantities and so our electronic assistants have become even smarter. Visions such as a 3D printer as an acclaimed star cook or a bin with a master’s degree in environmental and waste disposal technology will still remain pure fiction in the next decades.

Cover picture © Rustic Vegan on Unsplash

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