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Natural materials continue to be used as fixed components in the kitchens of this world. But the latest rage is concrete. This material, normally relied on by the construction industry and the Italian mafia, is now catching on in our kitchens. But that’s far from everything making waves in 2018.

Deep insights

If there is a penchant for nudism in kitchens, it has only been since the beginning of 2018. This year, the real must-have is glass cabinets. The glass varies from clear to milky. Entire cabinet doors, or just understated accents such as stripes or tiles, provide more or less deep views into cabinets and showcases. This transparent trend is highlighted with LED strips and spotlights, displaying tableware from its most flattering side.


Pressure in the kitchen

This year inspiration came straight from the streets. Visually, concrete and cement are the heroes of the current kitchen landscape. Even though this unconventional construction material emanates a certain coldness, it imparts a pleasant warmth to rooms when well crafted and integrated. But metallic and steel surfaces also cut a dashing figure as work surfaces. Stainless steel is the material that gets along with everything. Whether stone, concrete or wood, this classy iron-carbon alloy matches with anything and brings industrial flair into the kitchen. In 2018 there is also a bit of pressure in kitchens. Pressing on the front elegantly opens the showcase or cabinet. The icing here is that the kitchen looks even tidier.

Everything including the kitchen sink

When it comes to doing the dishes, however, stainless steel has had to relinquish its crown. Colored sinks of granite and quartz composite are conquering the washing area. Even the water faucet is conspicuous by its lack of handles. Sensors read our desire for water by detecting our hands and pour us a cool glass of water without so much as touching anything. Aside from that, kitchen manufacturers are also delving into XXL sinks and drip-dry surfaces. The advantage this provides is that larger objects such as baking sheets and decanters can be easily washed.

A paradise for squirrels

The classic pantry, familiar to many of us from Grandma’s time, is experiencing a revival this year. Nowadays, many kitchen manufacturers skillfully integrate the walk-in storage room into the kitchen landscape. Although their appearance is easily distinguished from Granny’s old pantry, function and purpose remain the same. Lots of space for cans, drinks, washing machines and other appliances which would not necessarily enhance the look of the kitchen.

Still room for customizing

Niche rear walls have been a rather untouched chapter in the thick book of kitchen trends. They have only been meant to protect from splatters and grease stains. This year, however, they have been proactively incorporated into the kitchen to provide our cooking fires with a last dash of aesthetic. Different patterns, abstract images, and typical Portugese ceramic tiles, called azulejos, give soul to the, until now, overlooked niche rear walls. The possibilities are endless.

The year 2018 is looking very interesting, and can provide everyone with inspiration. What matters, of course, is to feel comfortable in the kitchen and enjoy the food.


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