No trash: smart ideas for the future

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In 1900, humans produced around 300,000 tons of waste per day worldwide. 100 years later, this reached 3,000,000. According to a recent forecast made by the World Bank, the quantity of waste will reach around 9,000,000 tons per day in 2050. Alarming figures, which have led some people to take the reins and take action.

The will to take action matters and pays off

The latest internet trend is #trashtag Challenge. This viral hype took off practically overnight. The principle: A public place full of garbage is photographed and then cleaned up. Then the before and after result is published on social media. This one example shows how many people care about our environment and how they want to turn the throwaway society on its head. But there are also start-ups who want to make our world cleaner and more efficient.

R2D2’s ancestor

This invention makes throwing away rubbish into a real experience. This bin called Garbi recognises everything that is thrown out and tells its user which pieces of rubbish should be recycled and which should be composted: LEDs on the top edge and a camera on the inside the lid indicate this. Garbi can even reorder some of the product thrown away. All you have to do is press a button on the lid and its camera will recognise it using QR codes, logos or text passages. The it will automatically order from one of the many online shops with which it is connected.

The idea of us all being connected to our devices has already become a reality. But will they become so sophisticated that we no longer see them as just soulless objects? Will Garbi and co. take on a life of their own or even fly through the galaxies as droids like R2D2?

You will get to know Garbi in the fourth part of our sci-fi kitchen series. It can see, analyse, sort and even go shopping.

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