On flamingo tongues and 3D printers

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The Roman upper crust liked to show off good cooking and flaunt outlandish culinary creations at house parties. From flamingo tongues to song thrushes, everything was extravagantly served.

The end of an era?

Nowadays the eccentric creations chefs whip up in our kitchens bring smiles to the faces of their guests. Several specialists work on a single dish. From the legumier, who handles the vegetables, to the saucier and Chef de Cuisine – each work step is precisely defined and distributed. Until now.

The flavor of algorithms

But what if there were a device that combined all of these kitchen jobs into one? What if the next 3-star chef is a 3D printer? Many companies are puzzling over how to print out entire recipes. A Japanese 3D printer manufacturer is going even further. Customized sushi creations are prepared on the basis of the biological properties of their customers, using urine, blood, and stool samples previously provided to the start-up. The restaurant scans its customers as they enter, and then adapts the dishes to their details. There is thus no more need to agonize over menu selections.

The Wing or the Thigh? As long as its printed!

Who knows, perhaps it will soon be possible to print the dishes of exclusive restaurants onto your plate at home, without setting foot outside. Maybe this scenario will be accompanied by another invention. The virtual drinking experience, which we have already told you about, fits perfectly into this world. What do you think? How will these developments play out? Will 3D printers turn cafeteria systems and other gastronomy operations on their heads and simplify them? And how will our private cooking spaces change in the future if a machine takes over our kitchen tasks – entirely without a stove.

By the way, the comedy film “The Wing or the Thigh” with Louis de Funès shows how we imagined a food-printing machine back in the 1960s. So… Bon appétit!



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