Once upon a time…

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In our last blog article we familiarized you with the topic of artificial intelligence. Now let’s plunge into another future scenario in which fully developed AI has become commonplace.

Getting to know you

Frank was a banker in Hong Kong. Going out to dinner? Rather not, too tired – better in the comfort of home. Every night when he came home he asked himself the same question out loud: “What am I going to eat today?”

“What would you like?”, was the thunderous response. “We’ve got ginger, potatoes, salmon, and plenty of whipped cream in the frig.”

It was the voice assistant of his latest acquisition: an AI-supported cooking table just starting to learn his preferences and wishes.

The cooking table analyzed Frank’s personal health details. It quickly became clear that the winter weather had left Frank with a slight cold. He was also under a lot of stress, and needed some food to boost his mood. Based on the day’s appointments, the table also recognized that Frank had been to the dentist today.

“How about a cream-of-potato soup with ginger – if you’re still feeling pain from your dental visit”. 

“Mmmh, yummy. Sounds good. But ginger … I’d rather not”, answered Frank.

“No problem, Frank, I’ve learned something new again. I have selected two recipes for you. You can see them on my multi-touch display and get started”.

In the background the cooking table quickly deleted ginger from Frank’s personal preferences and crossed it off of the shopping list for the next day. Meanwhile, Frank put on his apron.

A self-learning table that talks to us and gradually gets to know our tastes – still a thing of the future. But who knows, perhaps one day our FUSICS table will be equipped with a similar AI system.

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