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Milan – a Mecca for people with a weakness for fashion and design, as well as for lovers of espresso and premium ice cream. Today we will focus on design and technology. We have tracked down the latest trends in kitchen design for you at the EuroCucina FTK 2018. One thing is certain: kitchens are moving forward. The exhibitors at the EuroCucina FTK were not serving hors d’ oeuvres, but rather complete entrées. Throngs of visitors crowded around the new kitchen innovations and formed long lines at the accreditations. We are going to show you what’s new and what the innovative household devices can do.

Mini kitchen marvel from Japan

Housing in cities is becoming scarce and thus expensive. People prefer small housing units and demand space-saving solutions – for the kitchen as well. The Japanese manufacturer Sanwa has developed minimalistic mini-kitchen concepts for urban living spaces, enabling cooking, washing and storing of pots, pans and utensils on less than two square meters. They really are marvelous mergers, we do believe.

Cultivating sage, salad and orchids in the refrigerator

With the Home Natural Garden by Comprex you can bring the vegetable garden into your kitchens. This cabinet provides optimal light and climate conditions for your plants and herbs – whether for consumption or decoration. Orchids grow and thrive here just as gloriously as salad, sage, strawberries, etc. And the icing is that the settings are controlled and monitored by app. Even in an apartment without balcony, you can enjoy fresh, self-grown garden herbs.

The open-air kitchen

Speaking of gardens, we especially liked the idea of an outdoor kitchen. It consists of mobile kitchen elements with integrated sink, a grill and weatherproof, stainless-steel working surface. We think it is a real eye-catcher that makes for appealing get-togethers around the grill on warm summer evenings. The best parties don’t end up, as usual, in the kitchen, but outside on the porch.

Refrigerators become shopping assistants

The networking of appliances and digitization of processes in kitchens was also on display in Milan. Refrigerators are networked with smart devices such as the FridgeCam®, a small camera installed inside the refrigerator. It is controlled by app or voice, and allows you to inspect the contents of your fridge while away from home. You no longer have to open the door. You can always keep an eye on what’s in your fridge, and using the voice command can even order online while out and about. The camera furthermore recognizes the objects in your refrigerator and suggests recipes for you. A brilliant kitchen assistant indeed!

All eyes on the cooktop

During our foray into the EuroCucina FTK we have, of course, paid special attention to cooktops. We were thrilled to see that some manufacturers have presented our latest product innovations, for the first time, to a broader audience. At the premium manufacturers Smeg and Franke we discovered innovative black cooktops with our scratch-resistant CERAN Miradur® coating, an integrated downdraft system as fume hood, and puristic white LEDs in the control area. What more could you want when cooking? We were also fascinated by a CERAN® cooktop on a device with integrated downdraft hood, and a weighing function with which to directly proportion ingredients on the cooktop.

Do-it-all kitchen block of the future

The prototype of our FUSICS table gets a back-up. The concept study “Think Next” does just about everything that lies close to a chef’s heart: it charges mobile phones, weighs veggies, calls for and cooks ingredients. At the moment it remains a vision, but we are looking forward to how it plays out.


Seating – as colorful and gaudy as possible

It caught our eye and we couldn’t resist – even if it was our intention to focus only on kitchens in this article. But we found the eccentric designs and striking colors of the seating furniture beautiful and worthy of mention. They form a skillful contrast to the minimalistic interior design and provide color accents which express individuality and vitality.

Anyone planning to visit this wonderful city in the near future should also take a look at the latest design trends – preferably with a delicious ice cream in hand. But don’t let it melt! So… Arrivederci, ragazze e ragazzi.

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