The new sense of taste: digital

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In 1896 the German vending machine company Stollwerck & Co. in Berlin opened its first “electric-automatic restaurant”. From there it quickly spread throughout the world. Curious customers could pull chicken pâté, bacon and beans, and vanilla pudding off the shelves by inserting a coin. But it was not feasible in practice. It required lots of manpower behind the scenes to ensure smooth and “automatic” operation. After several revival attempts, the last automat closed its shelves in New York in 1991.

Tasteful reincarnation

But like the Phoenix, many years later a similar idea arises from the ashes: Data Kitchen is a restaurant concept in Berlin which prepares delicious dishes for its customers, without delay and with digital vending machines in its Food Walls. Dishes are ordered via its app or website, and payment is also made online. The food can be retrieved from the Food Wall at the selected time.

Who knows, perhaps in 2030 we will order our food using an implemented chip and telepathy. We can already taste virtually.

Titelbild Foodwall – Data Kitchen ©Peter Holzkorn

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