The second life of plastics

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For our series “Innovative Materials” we have chosen a material without which daily life can hardly be imagined: plastic. The project “Pretty Plastic Plant” from the Netherlands came up with clever potential uses for colored plastics, which usually cannot be recycled.

Nowadays a large percentage of plastics is recycled. Transparent plastics, in particular, are preferred because they are easily sorted and can be recycled without loss of color. Colored plastics pose the problem of the colors always having different mixing times, depending on base material. The project “Pretty Plastic Plant” turns this defect into a virtue by playing with these different colors.

The project makes facade panels out of the recycled plastics, whose nuanced colors make for an interesting color play. The facade panels are weatherproof and can be used almost anywhere, such as in the back walls of bus stops and as elegant partitions for office buildings.

The project is a cooperation between bureau SLA and Overtreders W and was nominated for the New Material Award 2016.

More information on the project here!

Foto: Jorn van Eck

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