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Again this year at the SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards the SCHOTT Special Award was given out for the outstanding creation which most convincingly won over the internal experts at SCHOTT. Moreover, at the London Design Fair visitors were asked to present the People’s Choice Award. The Top 30 were selected, with the exception of the three winners selected by the jury and the SCHOTT Special Award, in order to also give the lower places a chance at victory. Visitors strolled through the exhibition of different designs and jot down their favorites on a slip of paper. See the results below.


Schott Special Award: WALL-KITCHEN by Jun Li, USA

The “WALL KITCHEN” concept is based on an important consideration: How are rooms best used? So that life can flow into them at any moment, even aerospace technology has been used.

When no one is using the kitchen and it is in stand-by, a water animation runs on the SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic facade. When activated, the kitchen unfolds in the truest sense of the word. It consists of four components: pantry, preparation surface, cooking surface, and kitchen helpers. These come out of the facade as though from nowhere.

Intelligent interface technology is integrated under the glass-ceramic surfaces. Spices are organized using QR code for kitchen helpers. Just give a voice command to illuminate them.

When the cooking has finished, the “WALL KITCHEN” retreats into its original state and activates its self-cleaning and cooling mode. At the same time, the animation on the glass-ceramic surface restarts, ensuring a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. This kitchen concept makes for a special companion, day in and day out.


People’s Choice Award: NOURISHMENT by Ka Ying Siu, China

An important topic mobilizing people these days: knowing where food comes from. But that’s not usually the case in today’s long delivery routes. Ka Ying Siu’s concept answers precisely that, and brings a sustainable, enclosed micro-ecosystem into the kitchen, providing a safe and clean source for nourishment.

“Nourishment” is an autonomous “kitchen farm” with built-in cooking surface and interactive screen built into durable glass-ceramic. Water and food rests are recycled. More precisely, the system recovers the water used in the basin and sends it filtered into the water reservoir of the greenhouse or fish farm. This ensures in-house production of vegetables and, for instance, crustaceans. Food rests are composted and subsequently serve as fertilizer for the homegrown vegetables. Nourishment is thus not only a highly efficient induction oven, but also an interactive system for observing crop growing, and for monitoring pollution and sharing the harvest of the “kitchen farm” with others.

This brings us to the end of the presentation of this year’s SCHOTT CERAN® Design Awards. We think that all winners, as well as all the other participants, presented wonderful kitchen concepts – and we look forward to seeing which of them find their way into our homes.


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