When the kitchen becomes a laboratory

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We can just cook – and we can also fantasize, experiment and create. This week, we are going to show you what that looks like. Welcome to Bompas & Parr in London. Here the eccentric duo of Sam Bompas and Harry Parr with his team whip up things that have never been seen, using groceries and luxury foods. Somewhere among architectural installations, theater and food design, extraordinary experiences are lived, explosions of taste experienced and impressions made on all the senses. They made their name in 2007 with replicas of famous buildings such as Buckingham Palace made of jello. But that wasn’t all, the gelatinous mass also came in neon colors and glowed in the dark. © Bompas & Parr | Stefan Braun


©Bompas & Parr | photographer from left to right: Ann Charlott Ommeal, Nathan Ceddia, Greta Illieva 


© Bompas & Parr | photographer from left to right: Ann Charlott Ommeal, Charles Villyard, Ann Charlott Ommeal

The glowing jello was developed for the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. To fully appreciate its luminosity, the room must, of course, be dark – a notion that surely also comes across well late night at weddings and parties.

In addition to the jello, the two have also realized other exciting projects. These include fireworks in which edible, banana-flavored confetti and peach-flavored snow rains down on spectators. The two have also created a chocolate waterfall. To come up with such things, they often work with microbiologists and chemists to flesh out new ways to successfully experiment with food. Above all, they want to present food and drink in unexpected and novel ways so that everyone enjoys a special experience. If you would like to find out more about them, here is their English-language Website.

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