Back to basics

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Back to square one

Every product has its own story. And SCHOTT CERAN® can also tell its own. Today we would like to look back to the mid-1960s. Back then kitchens were, if anything, functional and practical. There were hardly any technical comforts or beautiful design. Yet the origins of SCHOTT CERAN® do not lie in the kitchen, but rather in the stars.


High-tech material for the kitchen

At the beginning of the 60s, it was SCHOTT’s task to develop mirror carriers for astronomic telescopes. The challenge: vitreous materials constantly warped under temperature changes, thus distorting the constellations. But then Dr. Jürgen Petzoldt discovered a material which underwent almost no thermal expansion: ZERODUR®. Instead of the optical properties of special types of glass, resistance to temperature fluctuations now became the focal Point.

The birth of black glass-ceramic cooktops

In the meantime, research and planning have continued. In 1970 it was ready – SCHOTT delivered the first samples of black glass-ceramic cooktops to the manufacturer Imperial, which presented them at the household appliance fair Domotechnica. The market was highly enthusiastic, yet SCHOTT could not capitalize on this interest until it was ready for serial production.

The glass-ceramic cooktop hailed a technical and design revolution in the kitchen. It was easy to clean, saved time in cooking and looked impressive.

Three men are behind the success. Dr. Jürgen Petzoldt, who laid the scientific foundation. Hans Arno Roth, who as commercial director of home economics first came up with the idea of a glass-ceramic cooktop at the company and encouraged its commercialization. And Engineer Herwig Scheidler, who as technical expert set up the entire process.


A new era in cooking had begun.

CERAN® was patented in 1973. With a focused development program, SCHOTT made great advances with CERAN®. The automated production process, the unique patented technology in the melting process and SCHOTT’s knack for identifying and serving trends are unique selling points which have made SCHOTT the leader in many glass-ceramic cooktops.

No reason to take a break. We have continuously developed SCHOTT CERAN®, whether improving the material itself, combining it with heating technologies or developing other features for CERAN®. Find out more in our Milestone Gallery.

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