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A look ahead

Whether in the kitchen or the laboratory, the same characteristics are required. Creativity, the urge to try something new, blending new ingredients until something special emerges. We call it «Never stop inventing». To us it means spotting trends before they evolve and setting precedents that can change the kitchen market with groundbreaking products and modern technology. This can only happen when you continuously question yourself. Or are questioned. This is why your suggestions and wishes are so important to us. There are moreover a few things that we have firmly resolved for the future.

What we are planning

There are presently 160 patent families for SCHOTT CERAN® alone. But this is a cushion on which we will not rest, because the science of glass offers so many more opportunities. And this is exactly what we are researching, with over 600 employees at the largest and most modern glass research center in Europe.


Our visions: To make operation yet more intuitive. One idea is the use of white-light design on black cooktops – the contrast is even more marked. Or light-marked cooking zones which show clear boundaries while putting on a nice light show. Just a few of the light ideas we are pursuing. The last example is the vision of an intelligent, multifunctional glass-ceramic work space with cooktop. It makes more of less, because the cooking surface is no longer only for cooking, but also for staying in touch with friends. To check recipes. To plan the weekly shopping. Or to just keep abreast of current Events.

Many ideas, one goal – to make cooking simpler and more pleasant. Incidentally, our work as researchers and pioneers has been distinguished with the German Innovation Award et al. A prize that we are quite proud of, and which encourages us to go further.


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