Creativity is the better part of valor

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If anyone who read our article about designer Anna Badur this week has felt motivated to let their own creative juices flow, we have got a couple of do-it-yourself inspirations for a cozier home.

DIY porcelain painting

Here is everything you Need.

Porcelain (either single-color or painted and which you would like to decorate)

Porcelain paint (markers make it easier for beginners)

Moist wipes

An oven

It goes like this.

When you have decided on a piece of porcelain (plate, cup, vase, etc.), do a preparatory drawing with marker and paper. Whether simple and extensive or wistful and detailed – you can do anything you like. When you’re sure about your draft, then use the porcelain paint to transfer it free-hand to the selected piece. Just wipe off anything errant with the moist wipe. When you’re done, set the piece in the oven to cure for as long as the instructions on the paint indicate (generally between 30-90 minutes at 160 degrees). By the way, it will also be dishwasher safe to 50°C.

DIY sturdy vases for delicate flowers

What you will Need.

2 kilos cement

A large, rectangular milk carton

Another container which fits into the milk carton with room to spare

A bit of cooking oil

Small stones or sand

Knot varnish, brush and some sandpaper

Here we go.

First oil the inside of the milk carton and the outside of the second container. This will help you later loosen the dried cement. Mix, as per the instructions on the cement package, the cement and water until it forms a creamy mass. Now fill some of the mass into the milk carton and then insert the second container. It will rise toward you because the cement will press it upward. You can weigh it down with some stones or sand to hold it in position. IMPORTANT: When weighing it down make sure the container does not hit the bottom of the milk carton and that there is enough cement in between, or there will be a hole in the vase. Now you must wait and come up with some patience. After three days it should be dry. In the meantime, don’t shake it or put it on the heater to dry or leave it in the sun – that won’t help (unless you like cracks). Now loosen the milk carton and the inner container carefully from the cement. Sand the inside with the sandpaper, wipe/vacuum off the dust and then use the knot varnish, as per instructions, to make sure your new vase is watertight.

DIY pottery

You can, of course, simply design your object yourself. With some clay and a bit of practice, it should come out fine. From cool hanging baskets to cups, bowls and plates, your creativity knows no bounds. Try it out at a pottery workshop, they are offered in many cities. 

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