Design knows no bounds

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After the London Design Fair 2017 it became clear to everyone that boundaries are alien to designers. At the Fair, a few young design firms in particular caught our eye with whimsical and fresh approaches to their projects. Today we would like to present these to you.

Weightless design

FLYTE® is a company based in Sweden consisting of four persons with a focus on floating objects. It combines vintage design with innovative technologies and sheds new light in the design industry.

Media interest has centered on a light bulb that literally floats in the air. Levitation, which is magnetic flotation, makes this design concept possible in the first place. It is a sight that leaves both children and adults slack-jawed – an optical illusion come true.


It’s coming together

PLYable® was founded in 2013 by two designers who are also architects and now concentrate on the constantly changing needs of people. Their products are practical and flexible, and have a unique design. The individual parts of every piece of furniture are milled into a wooden panel. They are then simply punched out and assembled. This generates less excess material.

From snap-together stools to DIY wooden Bobby Cars for children – this British company combines practical design with fun for all ages using the modular design principle. One of the many visitors even set a record for assembly of one of the stools. A fully functional tool was snapped together in all of 48 seconds.

“Aalto” – when vases make waves

The Finnish company iittala® has decided to bring back the Alvar Aalto vase collection from the year 1936. Inspired by waves (aalto in Finnish) these vases epitomize Finnish design. It was a revolutionary shape at the time and is still a treat for the eyes, proving that good design is timeless.


We would certainly like to bring you the entire spectrum of the London Design Fair, but that would take way too long. But if you would like to learn more about the designers, go to the official site.

Have fun browsing and discovering!

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