DIY – Cleaning myths and more facts about them

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All that glitters is not Gold.

Many of us get creative during spring cleaning. We want to save work, time or money – or better yet, all at once. We have sought out some more compelling approaches to cleaning glass-ceramic cooktops. As in the article «DIY – Cleaning myths and facts«, we are going to take a closer look. As we have already seen, what sounds like a good idea is not necessarily so.

Cleaning with moist newspaper and ashes

The penny-pinchers among us probably know a few tricks to save a few cents here and there when cleaning the house. And these extend to the cooktop. For instance, dipping moist newspaper into ashes and then wiping the cooktop with it supposedly yields very good cleaning results.

Saving is good, but in this case it is at the cost of the glass-ceramic cooktop. The newspaper and ash together have an alkaline, or basic, effect. This basic effect can lead to unseemly stains which often cannot be removed.

Razor blade for removing stubborn burning-on

There are specially designed tools for cleaning glass-ceramic cooktops. But some people think that stubborn soiling can simply be removed with a razor blade instead. With a bit of care, cleaning shouldn’t be a problem at all.

We strongly urge you to refrain form this approach. Beside the fact that this method harbors a high risk of injury, there are now specially developed tools for stubborn soiling which really do not leave any traces. Glass-ceramic scrapers with metal handles are definitely a better choice.

Spinach for removing milk crust

There are cleaning myths which never fail to surprise. One of these legends puts forward the cleaning power of spinach. Spinach is not only healthy, it is also claimed that the oxalic acid it contains makes it suitable for removing milk crust. Just place hot spinach on the crust to be removed. After allowing it to act for about 30 minutes, the spinach and crust can be wiped away with a kitchen rag.

Don’t play with food – and in particular don’t clean with it. Not only because it wastes food but also because the effect of this method is disputed and unconfirmed. There are indeed better techniques to make milk stains disappear – just reach for the glass-ceramic scraper.

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