From skyscraper to miniloft

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The demand for housing in residential areas continues to grow, as does the shortage of space. Particularly in congested urban areas in Asia, space is increasingly becoming a luxury good. Urban planners agree that conventional ideas will not solve this problem – ever higher into the sky is not enough. What is needed is rather architectural creativity. Many space-saving housing concepts provide clever solutions for ever denser cities.

Less becomes more

The French architect Rémy Bardin gives us a good example with the brilliant and charming 17-square-meter miniloft he has designed and built in Paris. In addition to an open kitchen and living area, Bardin has incorporated a second floor with library, desk and sleeping area. The flat’s use of clear and minimalistic materials, such as wood and finely detailed metal elements, is impressive.

Storage space is intelligently integrated into the walls and there are several boxes and even a washing machine under the full-size bed. The kitchen acquires an almost cubic shape. The most important elements are practically arranged and provide residents with everything needed for cooking.

Current concepts thus demonstrate that not much space is required to feel at home in an ever denser world. In any case, we find these creative and unconventional solutions exciting and look forward to the future of compressed landscapes. Perhaps there will soon be a kitchen concept from the FUSICS Award winners for such space-saving residential designs.

©Bardin Architecte

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