Get excited: Cooking surfaces in a new light

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The third SCHOTT CERAN® Experience opened its doors to about 300 invited guests at the ewerk Berlin: developers, product managers, designers, purchasers and business leaders, as well as partners from commerce, representatives of the press, and bloggers got a real treat.

The event started with a dazzling stage show. The audience was wowed by an extravaganza of fog and light effects, dance and acrobatics.


Jörg Wingefeld, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, spoke afterward of the many options for CERAN EXCITE®. In his presentation he introduced the new portfolio of light-optimized materials, filters and coatings for the cooking area.

The focus of the evening: CERAN EXCITE®


On guided tours, guests had the chance to learn more about CERAN EXCITE® on the basis of six prototypes. The new solutions allow the LED lights mounted under the cooking-zone area to shine especially clear and bright. Inspired by the modern technology and the new visual and aesthetic options, the visitors became talkative and swapped ideas. We have captured the mood of the two evenings in an event film.


Another innovation feature was also highly regarded. White light shines through the cooking surfaces four times brighter thanks to CERAN EXCITE®. This means that home-appliance manufacturers can make induction fields, in particular, more interactive and exciting.

The high resonance among customers and partners of SCHOTT CERAN® shows that this event has made a name for itself. In Europe, the first customers are already integrating CERAN EXCITE® into their cooktops.

It is only a matter of time before the kitchen landscape appears in an entirely new light.


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