I scream for ice cream! Why not make it yourself?

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In the last article you learned about the long road from glacier ice to the waffle cone. Nowadays there are countless types of ice cream, from fresh and fruity to smooth and creamy. There are no limits on the imagination. If Blue Moon flavor ice cream was fashionable in the eighties, much ice cream is now hand-crafted and organic without artificial additives, as well as vegan kinds such as red beet and avocado. Good news for real connoisseurs who are constantly trying new and creative types.

By the way, Germans love ice cream, and at about eight liters per year eat more of it than the Italians, while about 80 percent of German ice cream is industrially produced. A good reason to go against the grain and make one’s own ice cream! How about an ice-cream cocktail for the next garden party?

Cucumber gin tonic popsicles

Ingredients for approx. 6 units

480 ml tonic water (allow carbonation to escape prior) 120 ml gin 50 ml lemon juice 50 grams powdered sugar fresh cucumber slices for garnish


Mix tonic water, gin, lemon juice and powdered sugar and pour into the molds. If desired, freeze the cucumber slices inside. Allow to freeze overnight at -7 degrees Celsius and enjoy.

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