Inspirations from Clerkenwell

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For three days Clerkenwell, London’s creative epicenter, was in a buzz. Pink markers were strung along along streets and alleys. Flanked by showroom banners and flags declaring “Clerkenwell Design Week”, they guide the way to the design hotspots and installations of the event, held this year for the ninth time.

Historic location with modern spirit

Clerkenwell is a major center and linchpin for design. Many creatives, among them renowned architects, have repurposed the historic buildings into modern studios and showrooms over the last two decades. More than 80 world famous designer brands and persons such as Arper, Bolon, Bulthaup and Zaha Hadid can be found here. The historic charm of the district has been preserved and forms an unbelievably appealing contrast to the modernity of the metropolis.

The Show must go on – hardness testing of our cooktops

This is an event which brings tens of thousands of creative people together from the architecture and design scene, and a perfect setting for us to present a couple of our highlights in the PROJECT Pavillon at the St. James Church. True to the slogan “Never stop inventing” we have been inspired by the vibe and the people, have taken home some food for thought and, of course, also presented our brand and new products.

Our stand couldn’t be missed, and we were not to be ignored as we demonstrated the structural stability of our glass ceramic using a pot-drop test, in which a pot weighing 1.8 kilograms is dropped from a height of 20 centimeters onto the cooktop. It certainly got attention. In the “Torture Test” our CERAN Miradur® was subjected to the scratch test – the first and only scratch-resistant cooktop in the world. And the fact that cooktops are not always black but also available in shades of gray and even in flamingo pink amazed many of the designers and spurred them to find out more. The audience was also thrilled by the designers’ submissions for Cooking FUSICS, our design award, which involves thinking outside the box to come up with innovative ideas for the surrounding space.

We thus spent three very intensive and fascinating days at our stand, with many trade visitors from around the world. Sadly we had to leave and go home, but have brought loads of inspiration and incentives with us.


Our five highlights – a summary

There were many fascinating showrooms and installations. Here are our personal highlights.

A piece of sky: The installation by Swiss designer Stephen Hürlemann whisked visitors into outer space. (image 1 v.l.)

Your Tote Counts: At the workshop put on by the Chelsea College of Art, thousands of cotton bags were recycled and printed with do-it-yourself designs. (image 2 v.l.)

Scale Rule: The Design Pavilion has been designed together with GCSE students and puts the concept of sustainability front and center. (image 3 v.l.)

Pipe Line: The designer Lou Corio Randall has designed street art made of steel pipes which serve as benches and bicycle stands in Clerkenwell. (image 4 v.l.)

DeVol: Her excellent showroom in an old church showed off this beautiful kitchen with a work surface made of copper. (image 5 v.l.)

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