It’s what’s inside that counts: living trends from yesterday and today

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When it comes to feathering our own nests, no limits are placed on taste. What for some is an eyesore is for others the most beautiful piece of furniture ever built. This keen awareness of what makes a comfortable home has long been ingrained in our psyche.


Splendor, swank and riffraff

The nobility in the Middle Ages acquired a certain sense for home interiors early on. Extravagant furniture and fabrics were the norm for anyone who could afford them. Armoires, tables, and other pieces of furniture were painstakingly made by hand; cabinetmakers labored many weeks to create a beautiful piece of medieval luxury. The common people had to make do with simple and cumbersome wooden boards. These boards not only served as dining table, but also as improvised mattress. Splendor and luxury? Not a trace. As of the year 1815, in the Biedermeier period, the bourgeoisie had more money, yet no political clout. People thus focused on making the home as sweet as possible. Living areas were spruced up with bright colors and solid wood furniture. The be-all and end-all was something called a bureau. In this wooden cabinet there were usually a fold-out desk, several drawers and pigeon holes, as well as cavities for fountain pens, ink and paper. We can still find this style in many homes.


Top of the trends

The year 2018 gets to the bottom of some trends by injecting variety. From unconventional moss rugs in bathrooms to classically elegant and familiar herringbone flooring – the possibilities are endless. The former is especially interesting because the moss rug is watered by wet feet, which help keep it alive. A very trendy symbiosis. Speaking of parquet and wood, anyone looking for the right rug can opt for the currently fashionable color blue. It harmonizes perfectly with warm wooden floors. To follow the fashion step by step, look for rugs with patterns and different shapes, geometry over purism. But the color red is also in vogue this year. A beret-red chair on a blue rug, brown-red bowls on the wooden dining table, and fox-red pillows on the cozy couch – the not overly flashy accents of these temperamental colors can make for a very pleasant overall picture.

Combining: the subtle difference


Natural materials, such as wood combined with stone, merge to make a tasteful and opulent table which catches eyes in every living room. The table legs, with their stylish X and U shapes, also cut a dashing figure, unlike with us humans. But let’s briefly return to the topic of stone. One does, indeed, come across granite in many kitchens. This cool and hard stone, in combination with noble wooden surfaces, brings an almost tangible soft warmth into our cooking landscape. Other types of stone are also in fashion. Marble and terrazzo, for example, are experiencing a revival as floors in 2018: from bathroom to hallway, marble and company look good almost anywhere.



Let there be light

What good are the best, most fashionable and beautiful furnishings if they can’t be seen? Lighting trends for 2018 are discreet and put table, easy chair, couch and more in the spotlight with indirect lighting. When making lamps, most designers rely on hand-blown glass in an effort to give bulbs more glow, and also because the glass can be shaped into a wide variety of delicate and organic shapes. Speaking of organic, have you ever heard of a lamp which can turn itself into a delicious mushroom dish? You haven’t? Neither had we, until now. A Danish designer recently did just that by making lampshades out of mushrooms. Hard to imagine, but true. He used only plant fibers and a mushroom substrate. The mushrooms did the rest. They were nourished by the fibers, thereby densifying the nutrient medium and its mushroom threads into a weave. Within two weeks, the designer was able to harvest and put 500 to 600 grams of oyster mushrooms to culinary use. Who would have thought that a lamp could be the basis for a delicious mushroom dish.



Whether you decide to follow the fashion and give the mushroom dish a try, or use the Biedermeier period for orientation, the choice is up to you. What matters is to feel at home while at home. We hope you have fun feathering your nests.


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