Melting away at Ice World in Mainz

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Ice World in Mainz is quite unique. It was not just a pleasure to look at, but a reflection of a lot of work. A total of 200 tons of ice and snow were brought to Mainz from surrounding countries such as Belgium and Latvia. After all, the German winter can’t necessarily be counted on for such amounts. Nineteen international artists have passionately carved away at the ice blocks to create a beautiful, surreal world. Among them were also some world champion ice carvers, as these artists are known.

The creation of a work of art

The individual ice blocks are stacked on top of one another with bulldozers, and then the joins sealed with water. The artists start out using chisels in order to shape a rough outline from the ice block. It then gets a bit louder as chainsaws are used on the ice before the work continues with ever more delicate instruments. These include not only chisels and hooks, but also brushes and straws. Lastly, grinding machines provide for the final cutting, before a steam iron puts a high gloss on the ice.

We have captured the beautiful results for you in a picture Gallery:

With the friendly Support of the © Eiswelt Mainz – Eis- und Schneeskulpturen-Ausstellung

We hope you have had as much fun with the tour as we have. Unfortunately, Ice World Mainz has ended for this year, but you can find more information here.

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