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It’s feeding time for dickeys, because the little guys have a hard time finding food during the cold time of year. To help them out, you can either pick up a small net of feed at the supermarket or get creative and build a nice feeding station from discarded porcelain cups.

Photography by Claire Richardson © CICO Books

What you will need

  • As many cups and saucers as desired in your feeding station
  • coarse-grain sandpaper
  • power adhesive or glue gun
  • fishing line

It goes like this

  1. Set the saucer on a level surface. Lay the cup on it with the handle facing up. Make sure that the handle points straight up. Mark the point of contact on both cup and saucer using a pencil.
  2. Sand off the porcelain enamel at the marked points; the glue will better adhere to a rough surface. It doesn’t matter if the pencil marks are also sanded off, it need not be overly precise.
  3. Wipe off the dust, apply adhesive to the roughened surface and allow to dry.
  4. Now join the cup and saucer, again making sure the handle points straight up so that the birdfeeder does not tilt when hanging. Press together firmly and allow glue to fully set. This can take up to four hours.
  5. Attach the fishing line to the bird feeder and then to a branch, balcony railing, or anywhere you like.






For anyone who would like to get a bit more creative there is a wonderful book by Ellie Laycock with other do-it-yourself ideas (Project taken from Creating the Vintage Look by Ellie Laycock, published by CICO Books), and here is some more Inspiration:

Sourgrassbulit by © E. Spencer Toy


The Oil-Bird by © Nikolo Kerminov

Or the did-it-myself brand from our colleague Björn Weller:


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