Our yin

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CERAN® Flash Colors: as the name suggests, these specially developed metallic colors produce some very special effects when light plays off them on cooktop panels. They shimmer uniquely and shine in different color shades, depending on their exposure to light. The lead-free colors have been specially developed for black cooktop panels and are applied using a patented print technology. They open new possibilities for cooktop-panel designers to shape new trends, such as cooktop panels in matte surface look or in retro style.

Our yang

The counterpart to black, sophisticated nuances from anthracite to ivory have also made their way onto the stoves of the world. We have developed a process that allows us to print color layers on the bottom of transparent glass-ceramic. And no, we will not reveal how our engineers managed to do this.

Eternalizing tastes

The cooktop panel resembles a work of art when the transparent glass-ceramic is enhanced with different decorations. Whether 3D effects, matte look, or sophisticated metal design – thanks to the many possible combinations, the dream kitchen knows no limits. Pairing this unique technology with, for instance, multi-colored operating displays and TFT touch displays turns kitchens into real eye catchers.

Art of glass

Our transparent cooking surface was even distinguished in 2015 by an international jury with the Interior Innovation Award as «Best of the Best» in the category «Kitchen and household». This again shows that to our engineers, glass science is an art that makes high technological demands. Not for nothing are over 600 employees carrying out research at the biggest and most modern glass-research center in Europe, and fine-tuning products that will bring entirely new options in design and functionality into our kitchens.

Anyone looking to acquire a new glass-ceramic cooktop panel and who would like to try out something new can opt for a little colorplay with us.


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