Shining a light on kitchen lighting

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The kitchen. A place to tinker, eat, laugh and live. Many of these moments need special lighting. Slicing and dicing requires brightness, while chatting might be cozier with less light. So what does perfect kitchen lighting look like?

Küche im Rampenlicht

Light on

A central source of light won’t do the trick in the kitchen. We need not only an overview of our kitchen, but also to see what’s going on in our cabinets, drawers and shelves. Downlights help out here. These are spotlights built in to the ceiling which are used anywhere more light is needed. At the same time they split the kitchen into individual sections of light and dark and give it a visual frame. They provide reference points, especially in eat-in kitchens not partitioned by walls.

Bright, brighter, dark

While downlights furnish the base lighting in your kitchen, make sure work surfaces are directly lit without shadows. This is for your own safety when cutting or grating vegetables. Downlights, built into the bottom of wall units at a maximum of 80 cm from your work surface, are also suited to this. Make sure that the entire surface is well lit and base the number of spotlights needed on the size of the surface. By the way, warm white light of about 550 luces will have your food looking most authentic.

Indirect lighting helps when it comes to kitchen atmosphere. LED strips are modern and elegant as «invisible light sources» which give off a pleasant light toward the ceiling when attached to wall units. The dining corner is best lit with suspended lamps which are height-adjustable and dimmable. How far the lamps hang over the dining table is a question of taste. At a distance of 60 cm over the center of the table it will certainly no longer blind you.


Lighting and functionality

In modern kitchens the lighting not only supports all of our actions, the operating controls of kitchen devices and cooktops work with LEDs. It not only looks good, it makes operation more intuitive. Our black glass-ceramic, for instance, lets the entire color spectrum shine through, even white light. This becomes visible in the variety of colors in the 7-segment display. Transparent glass-ceramic allows for this option in the form of multicolor illuminated 7-segment displays, even touch screens. The lighting not only lights the way to the perfect dish, it also places special design accents in every kitchen.

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